Pint of View: food, beer + cocktails

Korean-inspired cuisine and independent ales

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February 2, 2018 - 17:56
Photo Gabriel Preda


Cached in a quieter quarter of the Oltrarno, Pint of View hums without being noisy.


This borgo Tegolaio hangout is fast becoming The Place to Pint with its industrial chic black-metal shelving and spotlighting, Renaissance-vaulted ceilings and catchy graphic-led signature walls. The passion for beer immediately shouts out via the Scrabble-esque wooden block lettering raised up on rare runners. Don’t come to Pint of View in search of wine—there isn’t any, and there’s a reason for that. The guys have a beer background, something that shines through during service. From salty Dutch beers to sour fruit ale from Piedmont, sweet bock from Florence’s Archea brewery and hoppy draughts from Bavaria, the owners—essentially beer sommeliers—advise on the best independent beer to pair with your tastes and the dishes you’re ordering.



Then there’s the food by 27-year-old Korean cook Yejin Ha. Finger lickin’ Seoul fried chicken served with a spicy sauce, really good coleslaw and marinated daikon. Flavoursome Man-Du dumplings filled with pork, tofu, soy beansprouts and leeks. Seriously moreish Bossam wraps: roasted pork belly with soy sauce served on lettuce leaves with a soy, tuna, garlic and sesame oil pesto. The Doinjang Ramen is one of the best in Florence: umani overload through its beef and vegetable broth, soy sauce, marinated egg, beansprouts and a slice of well-sourced meat.



Finish the feasting as bartender Sacha Meccoci expertly prepares cocktails at the eye-catching counter. Earthy and ethereal, the Sweep cocktail is a finalist in Florence’s Campari Barman Competition: vodka, pepper shrub, pineapple, lemon, Campari and egg white.



Watch out for forthcoming events at Pint of View: they recently opened for a very British Sunday lunch and plans are in the pipeline for beer flights and takeaway cocktails.



Pint of View, Borgo Tegolaio 17R, Florence

Open daily for dinner; Monday-Wednesday + Sunday 6pm-midnight; Thursday 6pm-1am; Friday+Saturday 6pm-2am

FB Pint of View / Instagram @pintofviewflorence



Join us on February 21 for an indie beer and Korean-inspired pairing dinner. Email [email protected] to book. 28 euro.

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