Fashion Business master at IED Firenze

Fashion Business master at IED Firenze

Thu 26 Apr 2018 12:06 PM

Riccardo Bresciani coordinates and supervises the entire master area at IED Florence. His job is to oversee the formats, special projects, experiences and development of IED Florence’s master programs as a high-end educational and training offering for postgraduate and young professional profiles. The Florentine spoke with Riccardo about his role and responsibilities.



What’s the most popular master course at IED Florence?


The Fashion Business master is one of the institute’s most popular courses, which interacts with the other master study paths in design, arts and brand management for food, wine and tourism, as a cross-disciplinary approach that enriches the vision of the candidates and boosts their creativity and professional skills.


Riccardo Bresciani


What skills are required from today’s fashion system manager?


Riccardo Bresciani: There are three key skills a fashion manager requires today: vision, open-mindedness and curiosity, plus competence and know how. All three skills are learnt not only by field experience but are essential as the market evolves. Today’s fashion system is dynamic, fast and curious, embracing new areas, dialoguing with topics such as design, arts (not only as inspiration but think of the arts foundations owned by brands like Trussardi, Prada, etc.), food (Prada buying Marchesi, Cova being bought by LVMH, etc.) and tourism itself (the growth we are seeing in Milan and Florence was fuelled also by a demand in tourist shopping). So, today’s fashion managers need to train their vision by widening their perspective both vertically, delving deeper into the fashion system processes and knowing the supply chain integration and how the whole system works, and horizontally, being able to see opportunities and synergies in tangential fields.


Project Picket Gender by A.Roschatt, J. S. Magana, L. Sanchez, Photo by D. Diaz


What opportunities does the Fashion Business master at IED Firenze offer to students wanting to enter the world of fashion?


It’s a hands-on master program. Students are well taught of course, but they are also constantly challenged to conduct real projects, deal with marketing and communication plans, receive briefs from companies and deliver pitches and presentations. They go on company visits. We have a set of external top guest lectures to strengthen the “experience”, and most importantly we hold career days and a placement office to help students and young professionals find career opportunities. We have several partners and brands that have worked with us in recent editions, such as Adidas, Luisaviaroma, Colmar, Peuterey and Roda.



What type of training approach do you use?


As I mentioned, it’s a mix between a truly hands-on approach, very practical, workshop-based and led by a design-thinking method we all share at IED, and a more frontal classical approach, especially for the more “management” and business-oriented topics and subjects, where only future work experience could effectively and practically “train” the students, while having a solid theoretical foundation is fundamental to know how to handle such roles.


Project Picket Gender by A.Roschatt, J. S. Magana, L. Sanchez, Photo by D. Diaz


Your student success stories from past editions?


There are many! I could mention Michelle Gemayel, a former master student who has worked successfully for years at Luisaviaroma as a marketing specialist for MEA markets and now has her own consultancy company. Or our recent graduate Julija Gorina, now part of the team for the world-famous exclusive fragrance company Dr. Vranjes. I could mention Seren Donmez, from Turkey, who’s now leading the business development of Buldan’s, attending world fairs like Maison et Objet, or a former student from India, Anubhav Jain, now leading his own successful luxury bag company, POEM bags.

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