Mark Wallinger has always examined themes of identity and looked at concepts of power, authority, deceit and illusion, which the British artist has brought to Prato’s Centro Pecci for his first solo exhibition in Italy.

He’s one of the most important contemporary artists in the UK and the MARK WALLINGER MARK show invites visitors to see why, with some of his most important pieces on display.

My love for the Centro Pecci runs deep, and this newest exhibition vindicates my city pride. Wallinger works with many different mediums—painting, video, sculpture and performance—all of which have been brought to Prato for this exhibit. Ecce Homo, the opening piece and the first contemporary art sculpture ever to stand in London’s Trafalgar Square, here at the Pecci continues to stand provocatively in contrast with the works around it.

Wallinger also explores the growing paranoia associated with borders in the piece Passport Control, which features a series of enlarged passport photos edited with pen scribbles and white-out.

Lastly, there’s the newest addition to Prato’s artistic heritage: Pietre Prato, a site-specific permanent installation in the museum that Wallinger has named in honour of the contemporary city. The artist has hand-painted a number on each stone, an invitation to reflect on mortality through the inherent contrast between human endeavors and the endless timeline of geology. Could this perhaps invite another reflection? One about the centuries-old stones that pave Prato, still here despite the flow of time and the new constructions added year after year?

Tickets cost 10 euro; open Tuesday-Sunday 11am-11pm until July 22. For more information, visit

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