Open Day at the Istituto degli Innocenti

Free visits to the institute that welcomed children into the world

Harry Cochrane
May 18, 2018 - 12:49

The Istituto degli Innocenti will be open to the public on May 20, with the aim of encouraging parents to ensure their children drink enough milk, essential to young growth, an initiative supported by Mukki.


The open day will consist of two itineraries, meant for groups of around 30, with a maximum of twelve children in each. The 'Bambini agli Innocenti' tour will show visitors the ways in which the hospital – which the Institute used to be - looked after babies, visiting rooms not usually open to the public and highlighting artworks that document the hospital's practice, such as Francesco de ser Cenni's Madonna del latte.


The 'Madri, Figlie e Badie' (Mothers, Daughters and Nurses) tour will tell the tale of the hospital's female community though spaces, like the children's refectory, which were once part of everyday life there. Again, artworks serve as important witnesses to the work of the women at the Innocenti, like Luca della Robbia's Madonna and Child and Poppi's Madonna Adored by the Innocents.


Visiting children will be given breakfast and a Mukki snack at the Caffè del Verone on one of the Institute's terraces. They will also receive toys, a little rucksack, a carton of milk and a leaflet about the initiative.


The two itineraries will run simultaneously at the following times: 10:00, 11:15, 12:30, 14:30, 15:45, 17:00. Bookings can be made at the Bottega dei Ragazzi, by telephone at 0552478386 or email at [email protected]

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