Rooftop bars in Florence, Summer 2018

Our pick of the top in the Tuscan city

Editorial Staff
June 12, 2018 - 15:48

When the heat is on, drinks on breezy terraces become all the rage in Florence at sundown. Here are six terraces tried and tested this summer by The Florentine's Mindy Burrows and Harry Cochrane. Cin cin!



Divina Terrazza - Grand Hotel Cavour



Some guests choose Grand Hotel Cavour purely for its rooftop bar, and one can see why. Eye-level with the Duomo on one side and the Palazzo Vecchio on the other, you feel like you’ve risen above modernity to stand upon the shoulders of giants. Salvatore is a barman who knows what you want better than you do: upon asking for a G&T, he suggested a Gin Fizz instead. (He was right.) The terrace is open from 6pm all year round, and the first drink is included in the booking price of 20 euro.


Via del Proconsolo 3, Florence

Book using the online form, call +39 055 266271 or email [email protected]




Hotel Glance



On the sixth floor, this spacious terrace has the advantage of some cover should the weather take a bad turn, but not at the expense of a spectacular sunset view. Barman Claudio provides an element of surprise with his cocktail of the day, while the range of cold meats, cheeses and bruschetta is reassuringly Tuscan. The bar opens at 1pm and closes at 11pm, and the terrace plays host to musicians every Tuesday and Thursday.


Via Nazionale 23, Florence

Booking required, free of charge. Call +39 055290082 or email [email protected]




Empireo - Plaza Hotel Lucchesi



You’d come up here for the panorama even if the catering weren’t such a point of pride for Lucchesi. Risotto or paella cooked on the terrace in a massive wok supplements a bounteous buffet, and occasionally experimental nibbles. The hotel collaborates with celebrity chefs, hosting the famed Simone Cipriani every other Sunday. There are live performances four nights a week and DJ sets for the other three; New Orleans music and cuisine come together for Jazz Nights every Thursday for the next five weeks.


Lungarno della Zecca Vecchia 38, Florence

Opens to non-guests at 7:30pm. Booking highly recommended. Call +39 055 2623579 or email [email protected]




Grand Hotel Minerva



For the quintessential Florentine skyline, this is the place to go. Minerva vaunts an exclusive feel with the lively roof never overcrowded, which means that each drink is expertly crafted. Every Thursday there is MinervaGiò, a night of live jazz music, although there’s an aperitivo every night. For 20 euro you can get a cocktail off the extensive and exciting drinks list, plus a selection of exquisite homemade appetisers. Anyone can enjoy a drink on the roof but unfortunately only guests at the hotel are able to take advantage of the heated pool.


Piazza Santa Maria Novella 16, Florence

Open every day from 7pm to midnight. To book, call 055 27230 or email [email protected]




Hotel La Scaletta



Looking out on one side of the roof of La Scaletta, nestled in the Tuscan greenery, it is easy to forget that you’re still in central Florence. The bar, rooftop and menu are all based around the “AAA” philosophy: Agricoltori (farmers), Artigiani (artisans) and Artisti (artists). The terrace is charming, split across two levels—a lower one with covers if it rains and a smaller high one with incredible views over Palazzo Pitti, Santo Spirito and the Duomo in the distance. All the staff have extraordinary talent in their area of expertise: the chef is an artist with food, the bartenders have a knack for crafting a drink to your tastes and the serving staff are happy to help.


Via de’ Guicciardini 13, Florence

To book, call +39 055 283 028 or email [email protected].




B-Roof at Grand Hotel Baglioni



To see all of Florence at once, go to B-Roof. The space is cleverly designed with an internal dining room that has wide windows to allow for optimal viewing as well as an outdoor rooftop across varying levels. There’s an aperitivo every evening for 15 euro, which includes a drink and a generous plate of finger food. On Wednesday to Saturday the aperitivo is accompanied by live music. The restaurant menu can be enjoyed on any part of the roof, which can seat hundreds, including the decadent B-Green roof garden, a secluded seating area surrounded by blossoming plants and flowers.


Piazza dell’Unità Italiana 6, Florence

Open every day from 12:30 to 2pm, 7.30 to 10pm. To book, call +39 055 2358 8560 or email [email protected]

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