The genuine Florentine article: Cuoiofficine

The genuine Florentine article: Cuoiofficine

Wed 01 May 2019 5:50 PM

Cuoiofficine is a unique contemporary leather firm established in Florence by brothers Timothy and Tommaso Sabatini. Elevating their artisanal expertise to a leather business for modern customers, the siblings blend an innovative artistic approach with centuries-old leather techniques.



The Cuoiofficine collection was crafted after years of research and experimentation. From 17th-century marbling to an all-new leather tattooing technique, plant-tanned hides are used according to Florentine tradition. Certified and guaranteed, customers can have their purchases personalized by choosing the decoration and colour of every flap, shoulder strap and pocket, as well different styles of lettering for monograms. Cuoiofficine is perfect for Italy lovers looking for the genuine article, Made in Italy excellence and accessories of beauty.


The via Guicciardini store is also home to the brothers’ workshop. “It’s our way of drawing customers into the wonderful world of leather through demonstrations that reveal the secrets behind the making of bags and wallets. These are moments when our artists and artisans show how tradition can blend with innovation,” Timothy and Tommaso explain.



Taking part in one of the workshops encourages you to understand and experience the leather-making firsthand. Courses range from Timothy’s complimentary 15-minute chat about the world of Made in Italy leather to a 30-minute class in which you can craft your very own genuine Italian leather article, or a more comprehensive lesson about tooling and tattooing on leather with expert Rino Valente, and even how to letter and monogram bags and wallets.




Via de’ Guicciardini 116R, Florence

Tel. 055 286652

FB: Cuoiofficine / IG: @Cuoiofficine


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