Your Thursday forecast: best events in Florence

Your Thursday forecast: best events in Florence

Wed 10 Jul 2019 8:44 AM

FESTIVAL/ Festival au Désert

July 10 – 12


Festival au Désert


Festival au Désert has been running since 2010 and has always sought to connect African, Mediterranean and European culture through music. This year’s edition starts with an evening at the Manifattura Tabacchi that includes a meeting with Mario Tronco and Gianfranco Cabiddu before a projection of their film, ‘Il flauto magico di Piazza Vittorio’, the work by Mozart re-interpreted by these two innovative film score composers. July 11 welcomes the Orchestra of Arab and Mediterranean Women after a talk by Leila El Houssi on the role of women in the Mediterranean and July 12 is set to be a wonderfully rhythmic and musical evening with some of Africa’s finest musicians gracing the sands of RiveR Urban Beach. For more information, visit


Various locations throughout the city.



WINE/ The Wine Talks by Ruffino and The Florentine

7.30pm, July 17


#WineTalks on #WineWednesdays


Wine Wednesday is back. A special get-together with Emily O’Hare, a journalist and wine educator with more than a few vendemmia under her belt. She’s the perfect guest for our How To Taste Wine edition of the Wine Talks and will impart her acquired knowledge to beginners, intermediates and full blown wine aficionados. Part of Tuscan-American winery Ruffino’s responsible drinking campaign in partnership with The Florentine, it’s the ideal occasion to brush up on your wine tasting skills so the next time someone pops open a bottle of Chianti Classico you really know what you’re talking about.


Serre Torrigiani in piazzetta

Piazza dei Tre Re, Florence



THE FLORENTINE/ A ‘million’ Florentine summers

6.30 – 9pm, July 11


The Florentine’s Summer aperitivo


A ‘million’ Florentine summers later and here we are. Well, perhaps not that many but we still have an extensive array of Summer issue covers to show off. Escape the heat and pop into Italian Tapas for a glass while celebrating the summer season with us. The walls will be decorated with a selection of our Summer issue covers to admire as well as IED Students’ artwork and the 2019 Summer cover winning image, created from a collaboration with IED. The projects were developed by the students of IED Firenze Master course in Graphic Design: Focus on new Media, within the module of Illustration, held by teacher and renowned illustrator Simone Massoni. The exhibition is on show until July 25. Wine/drinks + buffet at the event costs €8/10.


Italian Tapas

via S.Agostino 11r, Florence



APERICENA/ Dreams of Justice, Dreams of Freedom: Journey through the Southamerican Jewish World at Balagan Café

7pm, July 11


Florence’s Synagogue is the location of the Balagàn Cafe


An apericena full of delicacies from Jewish cuisine, narrated and prepared by Michele Hagen and Chef Jea Michel Carasso, recommended donation of €10, followed by a guided visit the Florence’s synagogue at 8.45pm for a reduced price of €6. Later on in the evening, Maria Cristina Carratù presents alongside Laura Forti, Forti’s book “L’Acrobata”, that recounts the adventurous tales of a young warrior, José. The evening finishes at 9.30pm with a music extravaganza by Lee Colbert, voice and Paolo Cintio, piano exploring Yiddish and Tango musical influences. It’s set to be a truly delectable evening!


Synagogue and Jewish Museum

via Farini, 6 Florence



SPECIAL EVENT/ Lovecraft Extravaganza

9pm, July 12


Lovecraft Extravaganza


Part of the festival, “SalviAMO LA MUSICA!”, that explores the unique social history of San Salvi through art and music, this event revolves around the figure of the master of American horror fiction of the 20th century, H.P. Lovecraft. The evening, in partnership with Ruffino Cares, starts with a musical reading, in Italian, of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s epistolary, “L’età adulta è l’inferno: lettere di un orribile romantico”, or “Adulthood is hell: letters from a horrible romantic”, performed by Marco Peano and Elena Varvello. The reading is based on a collection of letters by H.P. Lovecraft and his wife Sonia Greene, and it explores the somewhat disturbing world of Lovecraft’s sentimental relationship with Sonia. This is followed by a brief conference with the film directors Federico Greco and Roberto Leggio, authors of the controversial mockumentary, “Road to L. – Il mistero di Lovecraft”, before a projection of the film which stars Roberto David Purvis and Simonetta Solder, and which contributed to spread the urban legend of H.P. Lovecraft’s trip to the river Po delta in Italy.


San Salvi (Ex-Manicomio)

via di San Salvi 1 – 9, Florence



DANCE/ Florence Dance Festival: Kinesis Contemporary Dance Company & Alleyne Dance

9.30pm July 12


Kinesis Dance Company


‘Big Bang’, directed by Angelo Egarese and Lucia Scaccabarzzi with choreography by Angelo Egarese, examines the mental mechanism of man as he tries to navigate a frenetic and frantic world. This work is devised to encourage discussion surrounding our society and the stereotypes that we live with every day. The work explores, through the body, our beginning from a big bang to our present-day awareness of the world we live in through the three parts of our being, Body, Essence and Personality. “A Night’s Game” by Alleyne Dance is devised by Farooq Chaudhry and explores athleticism and dance, mixing afro-Caribbean, hip-hop and Latin styles, paying special attention to rhythm and a woven musicality.  Tickets at


Chiostro Grande Santa Maria Novella 

Piazza Santa Maria Novella, 18



MUSIC/ Erlend Øye & La Comitiva

9.30pm, July 13


Erlend Øye & La Comitiva


As part of their mini-tour this summer, Erlend Øye and La Comitiva, have chosen the Cortile della Ciminiera at the Manifattura Tabacchi for whats set to be a great set of the Norwegian composer’s happy, sunny tunes backed up by Italian band La Comitiva. Erlend Øye, Sicily resident for the past 7 years, met his Italian counterparts on the beautiful island and since then they have toured the world with their experimental acoustic sounds provided partly by Erlend’s unmistakeable Ukelele playing. The evening also includes a show from Edoardo Floria di Grazie and a DJ Set by Hugolini.


Manifattura Tabacchi

via delle Cascine, 33-35 Florence



ONGOING/ Massimo Listri, A Perfect Day and Davide Rivalta, My Land at Forte di Belvedere

Until October 20 2019



Davide Rivalta sculpture at Forte di Belvedere


One of Florence’s most characteristic exhibition spaces, this summer the Forte di Belvedere welcomes the works of two Italian artists. Massimo Listri is well-known for the conceptual and poetic quality of his images. Starting as a portrait artist before focussing on architectural spaces and structures, he exhibits 25 large-scale photographs in the Palazzina of the Forte di Belvedere. His works capture various interior Florentine settings as well as historical and industrial sites from the city’s periphery. Davide Rivalta brings 12 large-scale metal sculptures to the bastions and interior of the fort as well as a wall-drawing that transforms the four rooms of the basement floor into an open-air space. The sculptures take the form of a variety of animals, occupying the space of the fort with an assertive non-humanised quality and noticeable abstraction.


Forte di Belvedere, Florence



ONGOING/ Mummies, Journey into Immortality

July 17 – February 2 2020


Florence’s Archaeological Museum


An exhibition about the concept of the afterlife in Ancient Egypt that consists of a re-entry of works that travelled through China as a mobile exhibition before arriving in Florence. A treasure trove of golden and glittering objects is on show alongside explanations of the processes and rituals surrounding the afterlife. Escape the blazing heat of the piazza and step into a cool, air-conditioned museum to be transported back in time to discover something new about one of the earliest and most influential civilisations of human history. For more information visit


National Archaeology Museum

piazza della Santissima Annunziata, 9b Florence

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