Your Thursday forecast: best events in Florence

Our top picks for July 24 – 31, 2019

Phoebe Owston
July 24, 2019 - 16:34

FESTIVAL/ Pon di Lake – Two Days in Reggae

From 6pm + 3pm, July 26 + July 27



Pon di Lake Reggae Festival



A two-day reggae, dub and dancehall festival on the banks of Lago Viola, just outside of Florence in the Mugello. The picturesque lake is the perfect spot for the happy tunes, abundant stalls and street food that this festival has to offer. Acts include High Life Posse, Royal Vibes and Pakkia Crew as well as DJ sets and a dancehall workshop. Tickets can be bought on arrival and more information is available on Lago Viola Vicchio’s Facebook page.


Lago Viola Vicchio

via per Barbiana 13, Vicchio




MUSIC/Edo Ferragamo at Manifattura Tabacchi

8.30pm, July 28



Edo Ferragamo



Grandson of the legendary Salvatore, Edo Ferragamo has swapped fashion for music. For the last date of his European tour he returns to his beloved Florence to play to the crowds at the hottest summer venue of 2019: Manifattura Tabacchi. After studying in America, he has developed a sweet pop-like sound that's perfect for acoustic sets on warm summer nights. His performance will be followed by a set by Wolf Colony as well as an afterparty DJ set. Free entrance.


via delle Cascine 33, Florence




THEATRE/ Damnatio Memoriae at Florence’s Anthropology and Ethnology Museum

8.30pm, July 31


Damnatio Memoriae



Playwright Jeff Biggers presents Damnatio Memoriae, a play from an external perspective about migration in Ancient Rome that brings up many motifs, patterns and behaviour that can be identified with our contemporary society from the perspective of a theatre troupe. First published in a bilingual edition in the US, this version is performed in Italian and is accompanied by traditional dance and music from a Ghanaian Ewe troupe. Although discussing some of the most pertinent topics of our times in the frame of Ancient Rome, the play is a comedy that is thought-provoking and intriguing. Free entrance.


Museo di Antropologia e Etnologia di Firenze

via del Proconsolo 12, Florence




JAZZ/ Stefano Tamborrino: Don Karate

9pm, 28 July



Don Karate



Young jazz musician Stefano Tamborrino, presenting himself as Don Karate, brings his first album, I Dance to the Silence, to Forte di Belvedere. He is joined by three other musicians: Pasquale Mirra on the vibraphone and synth; Francesco Ponticelli on the electric bass and synth; and Francesco Morini in production. The quartet’s compositions have a timbral richness and complexity to them that will fill the stronghold's outdoor terraces before drifting down over the rest of the city. There will also be video mapping and visual art projections by Paolo Pinaglia to accompany the group’s performance. Free entrance.


Forte di Belvedere

via di S. Leonardo 1, Florence




OUT OF TOWN/ Open Secrets by Rachel Hovnanian at Palazzo Mediceo in Seravezza

Until September 15, 2019



Palazzo Mediceo in Seravezza



Towards Forte dei Marmi, in the north of Tuscany, lies this beautiful 16th-century Medici villa that will play host this summer to New York artist Rachel Hovnanian’s work. The exhibition spans ten years and includes 14 pieces that combine paintings, sculptures, interactive installations, works on paper and video. Open Secrets engages with ubiquitous yet nuanced notions of narcissism, obsession and intimacy, and society’s alienating addiction to modern technology.


Open daily from 5pm to 11pm

Palazzo Mediceo di Seravezza

viale Leonetto Amedei 230, Seravezza

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