Somatic Movement Education in Florence

Somatic Movement Education in Florence

Tue 12 Nov 2019 10:31 AM


The arts and techniques of the somatic field seek to stimulate new ways of moving, listening, breathing and becoming aware of both ourselves, and the world around us.


The Toscana Media Arte cultural association has been active in the field of somatic movement for over ten years. Characterized by its innovation in the field of theater research, contemporary dance and aerial dance, their latest workshops aim to deepen and enrich somatic, inner, affective and creative training. Garage performance studio, the headquarters of the association, hosts an intriguing Somatic Movement Education programme using diverse methodologies aimed at both professionals and amateurs.



The directors of the Toscana Media Arte association, after many years of studies in the United States, Holland and France, desired to share knowledge about somatic movement in their city of Florence and to connect with other professionals. Garage Performance Studio is a project by Alessandra Palma di Cesnola to gather experienced somatic teachers in the areas of psychotherapy, art-therapy, osteopathy and those who work in the area of body-mind connection. Various methodologies are covered including the Alexander technique, Qi Gong and the Feldenkrais method as well as improvisation, meditation, and especially, dance. Instructor Piera Pieraccini elaborates, “Dance helps us to become free. It gives us the possibility to express our true selves and to relate with both others, and the environment around us, better”. Another instructor, Angela Trentanovi enthuses that the workshops create a “connection with what we have been, with what we are, and with what we will become”.


The focus is on unlocking our natural bodily instincts to move, with instructors guiding participants in how to enrich their sense of self and educating on how better to perceive space.



Upcoming events


The packed calendar features Authentic movement and dance, focused on connecting the mind and body (November 23-24); Alexander technique movement and dance (November 30); ‘In full voice’ vocal workshop (January 25-26, 2020); Osteopathy and dance (February 8-9, 2020); Contact improvisation, Taiji and Qi gong (February 22-23, 2020); Psychosynthesis and dance (February 29-March 1, 2020); ‘In full voice’ harmony between voice and body, (March 14-15, 2020); Feldenkrais and neuroscience contact improvisation (March 28-29, 2020); Yoga, meditation and dance (April 4-5, 2020); and lastly, Contact improvisation, Taiji, Qi gong (April 25-26, 2020).



For all classes, booking is required by calling +39 348 3547812, or emailing or


More information is available at Download the full programme (PDF in Italian).



The workshops will be held at: Garage Performance Studio, via Vincenzo Monti 1, Florence

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