Health lines: atopic dermatitis

Q&A with Dott.ssa Carelli, dermatologist at Villa Ulivella e Glicini (IFCA)

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November 20, 2019 - 15:06

What is Atopic Dermatitis?


It’s an inflammatory skin disease that’s not contagious and is rarely allergic which affects people with a personal or family history of atopy, with skin that’s overly reactive to a range of stimuli and whose main symptom is intense itching.



At what age does it manifest itself?


In most cases, it occurs in paediatric age and in 50% of cases it is usually resolved by puberty. In the other 50% it tends to remain latent, with possible sporadic relapses, and only a small percentage of these remain active in adulthood.



How does it manifest itself?


In the acute phases, some or all of these signs may be present: red patches (erythematous), wet, dry, highly itchy skin.

In the remission phases. the skin may not show any sign of disease, even if a reaction of hyperactivity persists.


Dott.ssa Carelli, dermatologist at Villa Ulivella e Glicini (IFCA)





Specific emollients and detergents for atopic and acute-phase skin, including local corticosteroids.



Advice for daily life:


- Clothing made of natural fibre and in light colours should be washed with little detergent and avoiding softeners and disinfectants.

- Restrict the amount of time spend in the pool. Always take a quick shower to remove the chlorine after activity.

- Sun exposure with usual precautions.

- Go to the seaside during summer.

- Avoid smoking at home, air your home regularly and avoid carpets, mattresses, wool cushions and heavy fabric curtains.

- Avoid high temperatures indoors and dust.

- Always moisturise the skin.

- Avoid foods that can trigger itching.




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