Ramps relit

New lighting at the Rampe del Poggi

Editorial Staff
January 2, 2020 - 15:37

A new night-time lighting system was switched on at the Rampe del Poggi on December 20.



New night-time lighting system at the Rampe del Poggi on December 20



The ‘F-Light’ project, which was realised by Florence’s public illumination service SILFI spa, creatively illuminates Giuseppe Poggi’s defining architectural achievement, a series of ramps that lead from lungarno Serristori up to piazzale Michelangelo. The ramps were in a state of neglect until May 2019, when restoration work worth 2.5 million euro was completed and its grottoes and waterfalls were reactivated, putting 250,000 litres of water into circulation.



Until 6 January, the closing date of the F-Light Festival, the Rampe will enjoy a special multicoloured illumination in reds, blues and the Florentine purple. From then on, they will be lit up every night by a 40-part system of white light, designed to harmonize with the architectural composition of the walkways and grottoes.



Matteo Casanovi, CEO of SILFI spa, commented, “Every year this festival throws new light onto Florence’s most important monuments, adding to the magic of our beloved city by uniting innovation with tradition and romance with technology. We are particularly proud of having made a contribution to the great communal effort directed at the Rampe del Poggi, which can now be enjoyed to the full even after sunset.”



Mayor Nardella described the illumination as “a wonderful Christmas present for all Florentines”, and thanked SILFI spa and the Fondazione CR Firenze, who engineered and oversaw the restoration of the ramps.

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