LdM Institute gains a new hub

Former San Firenze courthouse to host cultural association

Editorial Staff
January 8, 2020 - 9:39

The Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute and the film company Fair Play have won the public tender to occupy one and a half floors of the former San Firenze courthouse.



A recent exhibition at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute




Devoted to art and screen work, the Associazione Palazzo delle Arti e dello Spettacolo (aPAS) will be established on part of the second floor and the entirety of the third, amounting to roughly 2,000 usable square metres. It will be geared towards education, research, cultural output and social innovation. The building also houses the Zeffirelli Foundation and the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.



“Workshops, seminars and multimedia exhibitions,” are what aPAS and LdM Institute president Carla Guarducci promises. “We hope to have them up and running by the end of 2020.”




Former San Firenze courthouse




Founded in 1973, the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute welcomes about 3,000 international students every year. It offers courses in Italian language and literature courses, Italian culture and fine art, as well as the humanities, communication and marketing.

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