Good intentions

Good intentions

Wed 08 Jan 2020 8:49 AM

If it’s in print, it has to happen. That’s our goal as TF’s staff reveal their plans and aspirations for 2020.






My aim for 2020 is to reduce my family’s impact on the environment. The other day, I collected a composter from Alia to turn kitchen and garden waste into soil. It’s free and entitles you to ten per cent off the waste disposal tax.




I’d like to go to San Miniato al Monte very early on a cold spring morning, sit on the steps and watch the city as it wakes up. No social media, no photos, no talking; just me and my thoughts. Then spend the rest of the morning walking round the monastery.




My dream is to see Fiorentina qualify for the Champions League (actually I’d settle for the Europa League), so I can travel around Europe wearing a purple scarf.




My must for the New Year is to explore the new Bronzino rooms at the Uffizi and to visit the Abbey of San Galgano again.




In 2020, my aim is to do a boat ride on the Arno and see Florence from a totally new point of view. Better still if it’s at sunset with my camera in tow.




My New Year’s resolution is to secure my place in Florence and, in spite of the recent UK election, make myself as unshiftable as a limpet. If not, I’ll head for the Accademia. I’ve been there before, but the last and only time was some six years ago.




Chiesa dell’Autostrada



I recently got the Card del Fiorentino (feeling hyperlocal and proud), so my first resolution is simply to use it. It’s valid at the Museo Novecento, which is 100 meters from the door of our office and I’ve been only once. Also on my to-do list is to revisit the Chiesa dell’Autostrada, a photogenic masterpiece of modern architecture.




I’d love to spend time at the Biblioteca della Oblate. I’ve been longingly gazing at pictures of the incredible view from the library’s roof terraced café and craving to go to one of their literary events.




San Marco is on my mind after reading about the recent Fra Angelico art restorations and seeing the basilica take centre stage in the Season Three of The Medici.




I’m going to look at Florence from a different point of view, seeking out new heights and perspective, maybe to make a short film that I’ve had in mind for some time now.




I’d love to do a tour of the Porta Romana Art Institute and Villa di Poggio Imperiale, where I went to high school. I haven’t been there for years!


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