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Seek, Create, Inspire and Empower

Jane Farrell
January 22, 2020 - 15:39


Four powerful keywords brandish the central message on the Lady Ripple website: Seek, Create, Inspire and Empower.


Laura Shadden and Allyson Volpe, America-born friends, have lived in Tuscany for years, fully understanding the value of sharing exquisite finds. Dedicated to promoting creatives working in Florence, Lady Ripple seeks out sustainable innovations for a healthier lifestyle, as well as crafts and design across all areas. The inspiring ethos of the founder-friends is one of empowerment, finding jewellers, designers, artists and artisans who are doing something different and giving them a platform for their creations.


Laura Shadden and Allyson Volpe


Mokaflor Firenze are one such discovery, a family business that produces high-quality coffee with a commitment to spreading and sharing knowledge about the upbeat bean. From coffee to candles, Lady Ripple’s interests are wide-ranging. Roberta Cipriani’s Rêve de Feu beautifully designed table centerpieces bring candles imbued with symbolic meaning to the table for an enhanced dining experience.


Beyond the promotion of products they believe in, the pair look to spread the power of positivity, helping where they can. For example, their pop-up launch at stylish Palazzo San Niccolò requested donations for Tuscan beekeepers Fior da Fiore and the restoration of a tabernacle by Friends of Florence, making the fundamental message about the community, fostering what Lady Ripple see as the “modern Renaissance” taking place in Florence. 


Laura and Allyson’s infectious message of positivity and love for the city has us springing into the New Year with renewed affection for the creative capital.

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Blessing Akajiaku

11 days and 1 hours and 51 minutes ago
Laura and Allyson are doing a great job spreading positivity and encouraging people around. the world needs more of such energies.