These composite images are a tribute to Florence, which was born from the Arno River and bred in the city’s piazzas. Florence is not only about history but forms and functions, materials and distinctive features, which are the lifeblood of all architecture. Which leads me to the core question: if you could dissemble and reassemble Florence, how would you reconstruct your ideal city, like in a Renaissance painting?


The project was developed for the Firenze Fotografia d’Architettura 2019 open call, organized by Fondazione Studio Marangoni in partnership with Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci. With 12 other photographers, I was given the opportunity to access some of the most important architectural photographic collections in the city’s archives before creating my personal vision. My approach to photography is usually less is more, but here I wanted to do something different and to try my hand at a combined composition of several images using digital editing techniques. First, I photographed all the elements before constructing the project through some of the most emblematic architectural features in Adobe Photoshop. The aim was to demonstrate a city unafraid of change through brave and positive transformation that has altered Florence over the centuries. Homes, shops, markets and workplaces surround the Arno. With its multiple purposes (public/private, offices/art), the Uffizi marks a symbolic passage between the river and city life. Through art we reach the heart of Florence imbued with religion, culture, entertainment, sport and the environment.


Hallmarks: Spedale degli Innocenti/ Casa-Galleria Vichi / Lampredotto vendor / Social housing / Palazzo di Giustizia / Mercato Centrale / Porta San Niccolò / Ponte Vecchio / Palazzo Vecchio / La Rinascente / via Piagentina apartment block / Palazzo Rucellai / Galleria degli Uffizi (+ Michelangelo’s David) / Ferdinando I de' Medici equestrian statue / Autostrada del Sole church / Russian Orthodox church / Florence Opera House / Chiesa del Sacro Cuore church / National Central Library / Colonna dell'Abbondanza in piazza della Repubblica / Florence Cathedral / Artemio Franchi football stadium / Tepidarium del Roster, Giardino dell'Orticoltura

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