Florence parks closed

Police patrols to break up gatherings

Editorial Staff
March 13, 2020 - 13:12

The City of Florence has decided to close all gated parks and public gardens, while intensifying checks on other green spaces.


The City of Florence environmental department has adopted these measures in an attempt to prevent gatherings in parks and gardens, which run the risk of spreading Covid-19. The city police have received numerous reports of such gatherings, including picnics and group sports, which violate the stipulated one metre of distance between persons.


Photo by Andrea Paoletti, March 8


Environmental councillor Cecilia Del Re commented: "We have been forced to close those parks and gardens with gates until further notice. Those without gates will remain open but will be heavily patrolled. The message is clear: stay at home and avoid going to parks and green spaces as much as possible. It's a sacrifice for everyone, but we must all make it together if we are going to emerge from this situation as quickly as possible."


Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella wrote on his Facebook feed: "We are stepping up controls to make sure that people do not go out needlessly. Thanks to a network of more than a thousand CCTV cameras, we can identify gatherings of people, while fully respecting their privacy. The rules must be followed and respected."

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