The Florentine's music editor Michelle Davis interviews LMNL aka Simon Batten, whose new album Moonlight Cinema will be out soon. Hear an exclusive preview as well as a review of some of Simon's songs from his previous albums.




Episode summary


00:00 - Introduction by TF's Alexandra Korey


1:26 - Simon and Michelle discuss their first meeting and the origins of LMNL


6:37 - How playing songs from the new album (which will have synthesizers, etc.) live differs from the recorded sound


7:50 - Recording process for the album, and the dual nationality aspect of the album


10:29 - Inspiration for the title of the album, Moonlight Cinema


12:47 - MUSIC: Moonlight Cinema LMNL preview


17:20 - Coming from England and carving his niche in Florence 


19:53 - Planning for the next album


23:00 - Past stage name of Simon and the Strangers


23:39 - MUSIC: Ultramarine, Simon and the Strangers EP


28:31 - Background to the title 'Ultramarine' 


28:59 - The outsider experience as an ex-pat


30:50 - Other tracks on the album, in the studio with Upcycled Sounds Records and the label-signing process 


34:37 - Hypothetical album release date after coronavirus delay


36:40 - MUSIC: The Water, Unsettled Weather EP (2012)


41:48 - Conclusion and how to check out LMNL's music / Instagram @lmnl_music



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