Virtually Florence (or “Phase Two”)

Letter from the editor: May issue of The Florentine

Helen Farrell
May 4, 2020 - 18:03

We’re not there yet.


Yes, we’ve been released from our habitats, comfortable or compact as they might be. We’ve stretched our legs and inwardly thanked Giuseppe Poggi for architecting the viali, those long, leafy roads that encircle the city with such grace. We’ve dusted down our bikes, pedalled through the pietra serena piazzas and renewed our vows of devotion to Florence’s steadfast beauty. Tears of joy (and relief) have been shed by parents as children delight in the outdoors again.



Cover illustration by Claudia Bessi of bessicla illustration




Everything is far from normal. The health emergency in Italy might have abated for now, if we all keep our distance, wear face protection, wash our hands preternaturally and are resolute in our personal responsibility, but for many the financial plight is just commencing. Gone is the spring of tourism and the summer seems like a mirage.



“When will I be able to come back to Florence?” is the question I’ve been asked time and time again. Not knowing how to reply sums up the uncertainty with which we are all faced. There’s a silver lining, however. Those of us who are still in Tuscany, despite our concerns for the future, can seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: we have Florence all to ourselves. The museums, exhibitions, libraries and shops are due to reopen on May 18 and, in the meantime, we can gaze at the wonder that is still, silent, “virtually” Florence.


Know your rights: click here for the updated “Phase Two” legislation in Tuscany.




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