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Explore Florence digitally during lockdown

Editorial Staff
May 5, 2020 - 16:54

The most famous piazze of Florence can now be visited, at least virtually, through a virtual tour by 360-degree photographer Fabio Casati. These images show a still-almost-empty city towards the end of the Coronavirus lockdown, although, with a few dog walkers and masked pedestrians, they're infinitely less haunting than our first images of Florence under lockdown.




Surely you've seen other Florence virtual tours without big crowds, but those images are usually taken at the crack of dawn. Now, in the full light of the day, Fabio Casati has captured the city, still and quiet in a way that will go down in history.


How do you feel about seeing iconic spaces like piazza Duomo, piazza delle Signoria or piazza Santa Maria Novella so devoid of tourists? Would you like to see Ponte Vecchio or Ponte Santa Trinità like this? Or do you long for the buzz of life to return to the city?


This is Virtually Florence, the same title as the May issue of The Florentine as the city strives to adjust to the new normal.

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