Supporting British Nationals with Brexit procedures
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Supporting British Nationals with Brexit procedures

The programme is part of a wider initiative through which the UK Government and IOM aim to provide assistance to British citizens in Europe.

Mon 11 May 2020 8:15 AM

Supporting British Nationals with the necessary local procedures to obtain and maintain their right to be resident in Italy after the end of the transition period: this is the objective of a new programme launched by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), with funding from the UK Government. The programme is part of a wider initiative through which the UK Government and IOM aim to provide assistance to approximately 30,000 British citizens in Italy as well as Germany, France, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain.


In a press release, Laurence Hart, director for the IOM Mediterranean Coordination Office, said, “We are delighted to be able to take forward this extremely useful and valuable activity here in Italy. IOM will facilitate access to the necessary information about residency requirements for British Nationals in Italy. We will also provide direct support on completing paperwork for all those who might be having difficulties in taking forward the required procedures introduced here.”



Information will be made available on dedicated webpages on both the IOM and British Embassy in Italy websites (see Living in Guide). IOM will also be offering help to individuals with specific issues, especially those with chronic disease, disability or those experiencing language or technical barriers.





“This initiative will provide direct support to British Nationals, to ensure they avoid finding themselves with an irregular status in Italy. It will also help key Italian institutions streamline the completion of the necessary paperwork”.


IOM’s work will complement the UK Government’s strategy, which includes the allocation of £3 million in support of organizations helping British Nationals across several European countries. This will assist British nationals with bureaucratic and administrative procedures that are required to regulate their status in Europe.


“We welcome IOM’s new service for UK nationals to help them regulate their status here in Italy, so they can continue to enjoy their rights after the end of the transition period,” said Jill Morris, British Ambassador to Italy.


The new programme will be launched later this month and will run for 12 months until March 31, 2021.



The measures Italy has put in place in response to the coronavirus means that UK Nationals should not try to register their residency at this time. IOM stands ready to support UK Nationals in registering with their local town hall when restrictions are lifted.

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