Restaurant owners protest in Florence

Voicing concerns

Editorial Staff
May 12, 2020 - 18:15

A peaceful protest was held today in Florence by more than 1,000 restaurant owners and employees.


Observing social distancing and wearing face protection, representatives from Florence’s food world walked from piazza Duomo, along via Calzaiuoli, to piazza della Signoria.



ph. Carlo Bressan



The demonstration voiced concerns at the unemployment benefits still unpaid to workers since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak in Italy and the lack of government guidelines for safe reopening.


Although the Italian government has given the green light for restaurants, coffee shops, shops and hairdressers to reopen as from May 18, the Tuscan region is reviewing the situation and awaiting guidelines from the central government.


In a TV interview, president of the Tuscan region, Enrico Rossi, commented, "Opening everything straightaway is unthinkable. Caution and a sense of responsibility is needed. The resumption will be hard and slow."


In Tuscany, restaurants were permitted to offer takeaway food services in addition to food delivery on April 24. 



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