Family resources in Florence

Keeping kids engaged after lockdown

Jane Farrell
May 13, 2020 - 16:04

For those with younger members of the family around, an undeniable struggle throughout this lockdown has been entertaining children who normally enjoy the stimulation of a packed school day. Thankfully, many organizations have come to the rescue with both educational and fun resources to break up the monotony.





The Istituto degli Innocenti reach out to children and families with a new space on their website and dedicated clips on social media. With expert advice on education and child psychology, guidance is given on how best to create an emotionally healthy state for children so they can better deal with the situation.


MUS.E have rallied together a wide range of activities dedicated to children. From fairytales to fun and games, there is something for all age groups.


The Galileo Museum has launched an educational series for secondary schools, providing free video lessons on a range of topics. From Galileo Galilei’s unexpected influence on pop music to Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels relationship with the 18th-century scientific world, there is sure to be an engaging topic for your teen.


The Galleria dell’Accademia keeps kids stimulated with culture thanks to a very special tour guide: Davidino. Young visitors are accompanied through online learning by a young David, who reveals the stories behind the iconography of the saints and polyptychs in the collection.





Palazzo Strozzi engages creative young minds with thrilling artistic activities. The L’arte a casa series for children, teenagers and families provides stimulating tasks with materials that are easy to find at home. With a specially designed family kit inspired by Tomàs Saraceno’s Aria exhibition, hours of learning and fun are ensured.


The Fondazione CR Firenze has a packed programme created by more than 100 associations called Con l’@rte, which features theatre workshops, educational activities, and performances for young learners. There is also plenty for an older audience too.

Keep an eye on the constantly updated Firenze Formato Famiglia website. While written in Italian, the site features very helpful tips, both from a practical point of view and also where to look for resources to entertain little ones. The Firenze Moms 4 Moms network on Facebook is another go-to group for sharing questions and experiences and a sure support through this time.

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