Boboli Gardens reopens

The park that inspired Versailles

Editorial Staff
May 20, 2020 - 12:15

The Boboli Gardens will reopen on Thursday, May 21 after 10 weeks of closure due to Covid-19.


“With the reopening of the Boboli Gardens, not only will Florence’s green heart be accessible again, but also an extraordinary outdoor museum,” states Eike Schmidt, director of the Uffizi Galleries in a press release.


“According to instructions from the Italian Prime Minister’s scientific and technical committee to reopen gradually first the monumental parks and museums with fewer than 100,000 visitors annually, and only then the museums with a greater footfall, we embrace the opportunity to remember that, in its various Renaissance and Baroque parts, for centuries Boboli was the model that inspired all of Europe’s court gardens, including Versailles. In the last month and a half, the first spring flowers have been observed only by cats, foxes and birds, as well as by our gardeners and botanists of course who broadcast many wonders and secrets of the garden on the Uffizi’s social media channels. From now on, fortunately, everyone will be able to enjoy the spring again.”



ph. @robe.lucc via IG



Visitors can access the Boboli Gardens daily through the Palazzo Pitti and Porta di Annalena (via Romana) entrances. The opening hours are from 8.45am to 6.15pm (last entry: 5.15pm). Face protection must be worn at all times in the garden; social distancing of 1.8 metres must be maintained; no congregating is allowed, and groups of no more than ten persons will be allowed to enter the gardens.


The Buontalenti Grotto and Porcelain Museum will remain closed. The Upper Botanical Garden will be open every morning from Monday to Friday (10am-1pm). 


The Pitti Palace is scheduled to reopen on May 28 and the Uffizi on June 3.




EXPLORE BOBOLI / Tuesday, May 26, 9:30am



Soothe your soul and join Alexandra Lawrence for a uniquely special walk through the Boboli Gardens and the extraordinary Upper Botanical Gardens. Max. 9 people. €25/person, includes headsets but does not include ticket (free for residents, €10 if you’re not a resident of Florence).

Email [email protected] to book your slot.



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