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Italy is one of the main economies and markets in the world, a country full of opportunities and with an increasingly developed attention towards foreign investors.


In recent years, Italian economic policies have invested particularly in measures to make the country more attractive to international investors by facilitating business initiatives and simplifying internal regulations in order to make the bureaucratic system more streamlined for those who want to start a business.



10 good reasons to invest in Italy


The Ministry of Economic Development has pointed out 10 good reasons to invest in Italy. All of them take into consideration the benefits that foreign investors can obtain when deciding to invest. We have gathered here the main aspects as to why Italy is a great investment goal. In particular, it is:


1. One of the main economies and markets in the world

2. A strategic logistics hub that connects global markets

3. A key global player in production and export

4. A highly competitive machinery sector and a strong “Made in Italy” brand

5. A hub for excellence in research and development and innovation

6. A qualified and competitive workforce

7. An unparalleled cultural offer and a country brand

8. A solid set of policies and incentives to improve competitiveness

9. A reform-oriented, pro-business and pro-growth administration

10. A country open to foreign investment


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What is the Investor Visa for Italy?


This particular visa has been introduced in our country to attract foreign capital and talent. It therefore represents a measure which, together with the facilitated tax regime of the “flat tax”, allows foreign investors to enjoy important tax benefits and immigration concessions.


Today these benefits are even more interesting. In fact, the minimum thresholds for investments in innovative companies and startups by foreign investors have been halved, so that they can invest in Italy and enjoy tax breaks, even with a lower financial contribution.





The Investor Visa for Italy program includes:


• for investments in instruments representing joint stock companies operating in Italy and maintained for at least 2 years, the minimum investment threshold went from 1 million to 500,000 euro;


for investments in innovative startups registered in the special section of the business register referred to in article 25, paragraph 8, of law decree n.179 of 18 October 2012, the minimum investment threshold went from 500,000 to 250,000 euro. The reduction of the financial threshold makes Italy the most competitive nation in the European context.



What are the characteristics of the “Visa for investors in Italy”?


The investor visa for Italy is valid for 2 years for non-EU citizens who choose to invest in strategic activities for the Italian economy and companies.


To obtain a visa, non-EU investors must obtain a Nulla Osta issued online by the Investors Committee for Italy (IV4I). After obtaining the Nulla Osta within 6 months, the application for an investor visa must be submitted to the Diplomatic mission of your place of residence. The procedure is quick, it is concluded within 30 days of sending a complete application, it is free and entirely online.


For more information about the general characteristics visit MISE’s website



What you can do for your business with the residence permit for investment:


• circulate freely for the Schengen Area for a maximum period of 90 days within 180 days;

• after five years of regular residence in Italy, you can apply for an EU residence permit for long term residents;

• after ten years of residence, you can apply for Italian citizenship.





Are tax investments in innovative startups incentivized?


Tax incentives for investments in startups and innovative SMEs consist of:


• for individuals, a deduction from income tax (personal income tax) equal to 30% of the amount invested, for a maximum contribution of 1 million euro. Nowadays, and based on the Relaunch decree, the percentage rises to 50% for investments up to 100,000 euro.

• for limited liability companies, a deduction from the taxable amount for IRES purposes equal to 30% of the investment, with a maximum threshold set at 1.8 million euro.



What can we do for you?


Thanks to our experience and professionalism we can provide you with support and assistance in your investment choice. The Firm MGI Vannucci e Associati boasts many years of recognized experience in startups and consultancy on international investments in Italy.



Normative requirements:


Law Decree 19 May 2020 n.34 art.38 paragraph 10


Legislative Decree 25 July 1998 n.286 art.26bis comma1 letter b


Investor Visa for Italy


10 reasons to invest in Italy



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