Where to give blood in Florence
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Where to give blood in Florence

Donating blood is safe and strictly observes Covid-19 preventive measures.

Wed 02 Sep 2020 8:22 PM

The summer holidays have resulted in a shortage in blood donations, down by 15 per cent compared with July and 10 per cent compared with August 2019.


“The situation is the same nationally,” commented Simona Carli, director of the Tuscan Region Blood Centre. “Considering the situation caused by Covid-19, blood donations have not dipped particularly. In the summer, transfusions in Tuscany’s hospitals, which require large stocks of blood, have continued at a high pace. Summer always represents difficulties for blood donations. This year, due to the anti-Covid restrictions, associations have not been able to do their usual in-person work, finding new donors and encouraging people who have given in the past.”


“In Italy, more than 1,800 people need transfusions every day. It’s a need that never stops…Giving blood is a gesture of solidarity and selflessness that can save many lives.”


To give blood, you must be between 18 and 70 years, weigh at least 50 kilograms and book an appointment at your nearest hospital transfusion centre. Donating blood is safe and strictly observes Covid-19 preventive measures. Donors are also offered a complimentary Covid-19 serology test.




Where to give blood in Florence



Ospedale Palagi IOT, Viale Michelangelo 41, Florence

Open Monday to Saturday, 7.30-10.30am

055 6937429 / firenze.comunale@avis.it


Ospedale S. Giovanni di Dio, via di Torregalli 3, ground floor

Daily, 8-10.30am; Wednesday 8am-6pm

055 6932232



Careggi University Hospital, ground floor (Piastra dei Servizi)

Daily, 8-11am; Thursday 2-5pm

055 411030


Meyer – Nuovo Meyer University Hospital, ground floor (ex-Villa Ognissanti, viale Pieraccini)

Daily, 8-11am

055 5662990



Ospedale S.M. Annunziata – Ponte a Niccheri (via dell’Antella 58, Bagno a Ripoli), first floor

Daily, 8-10.30am

055 6936480

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