A photojournal captured by family and portrait photographers, Dovile Bruzaite and Matteo Baldini of MeDisProject Photography, is an emotional and poignant series of shots that memorialize the lockdown experience of the couple and their toddler. The artists were prompted to create the series so their two-and-a-half year old would have something to remember the experience. The shots are reminders of how each action of our daily routines took on great significance. From waving to neighbours and storytime at night, moments took on magnitude and we found beauty in each embrace, smile or conversation, all while yearning for that which we could see from our windows.


Their pandemic diary is on display at San Salvi, via di San Salvi 1-9, until September 13. The exhibition takes place as part of the Chille de la Balanza festival and admission is free. Find out more here


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