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Live From Florence

Wed 09 Sep 2020 1:40 PM

September is always a bittersweet month, even back in Normal Times.



In 2020, the situation is surreal. Some of us are back at our desks, whether at home or in our actual office buildings, while others long for the days when there was work. Parents are grappling with feelings of relief and concern as children get ready to return to school. At the height of all these mixed emotions, Florence made a bold declaration of intent as Dolce & Gabbana painted our city on its Alta Moda gowns and presented them to the world in singular settings such as the Salone del Cinquecento, the Villa Bardini gardens and the courtyard of Santa Maria Novella. The way ahead looks grim, but there’s a glimmer: the creativity that Italy never ceases to inspire.       





That artistry is embodied by Hershey Felder on our September cover. The pianist, performer, producer and innovator will be staging his one-man show George Gershwin Alone at Florence’s Teatro della Pergola on September 14. The innovation lies in the fact that the theatre is merely a set (there’s no in-house audience!) as the performance is live streamed and will remain available on demand for seven days afterwards. In a gesture of great generosity, Hershey is donating the show’s proceeds to The Florentine, Teatro della Pergola and to theatres in the United States. Get your tickets here.



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Where to get a free copy of The Florentine September issue


While we hope that you subscribe to our magazine to support our independent journalism during these challenging times, as from Thursday, September 10, the September Issue of The Florentine will be available, for free, from the following pick-up points in Florence:



Duomo / Repubblica / S.Marco Area:


Bottega Strozzi Bookshop piazza Strozzi 1

The British Institute of Florence, piazza Strozzi 2

Cinema Odeon, piazza Strozzi

Eataly, via dei Martelli 22

Europass, via Sant’Egidio 12

Hotel Duomo, piazza Duomo 1

Paperback Exchange via delle Oche, 4R

Ristorante Accademia, piazza San Marco 7R

Rosalia Salad Gourmet via de’ Servi, 37

Sit’n’Breakfast, via San Gallo 21R

Teatro della Compagnia, via Cavour 50r

Tourist Information, via Cavour 1R




SMN / S. Lorenzo Area:


Münstermann piazza Goldoni 2R

Nails & Beauty, via Nazionale 120R

Vino al Vino Wineshop borgo Ognissanti, 70R

St. James Church, via Rucellai 9

Student Hotel, viale Spartaco Lavagnini, 70-72

Todo Modo, via dei Fossi 15R

Tourist Information, piazza Stazione 4

Tourist Information, Florence airport

US Consulate, lungarno Vespucci 38



S. Croce / S. Ambrogio Area:


Mercato S. Ambrogio, piazza Ghiberti

Acqua al 2 Restaurant, via della Vigna Vecchia 40r

Ditta Artigianale, via dei Neri 32R

Le Vespe, via Ghibellina 76R

Melaleuca Bakery + Bistrot, Lungarno delle Grazie, 18

Nails & Beauty, via dell’Agnolo 109r

Red Garter Restaurant, via dei Benci 33r

Ruth’s Kosher, via Farini 2A



S. Spirito Area:


Conventino Caffè Letterario, via Giano della Bella 20

British Library, lungarno Guicciardini 9

Ditta Artigianale, via dello Sprone 3

Eurocenter, piazza Santo Spirito 9

Giulia Materia, sdrucciolo de’ Pitti 13R

Palazzo San Niccolò, via di San Niccolò 79

Il Rigattiere, via Pisana 23r

Santa Rosa Bistrot, Lungarno di Santa Rosa

S.forno Bakery, via Santa Monaca 3R

Signorvino, via de’ Bardi 46-48R

Sweaty Betty Tatoo, via de’ Vellutini 7R

St. Marks English Church, via Maggio 16/18

Hotel Palazzo Guadagni, piazza Santo Spirito 9

Palazzo San Niccolò, via di San Niccolò 79

Volume, piazza Santo Spirito 5R



Outside the city walls:


Angel Academy of Art, Via Nardo di Cione 10

The Florence Academy of Art, via Aretina, 293

Le Curandaie, via Cirillo 2l

Canadian School, via Nardi 18

International School of Florence, via di Gattaia 9

Manifattura Tabacchi / B9, via delle Cascine 33-35

Residence Leopoldo, via Fabbroni 68

Riva Lofts, via Baccio Bandinelli, 98

Toscana Promozione, via Vittorio Emanuele II 62-64





Istituto Europeo / Library, via della Badia a Roccettini 9

Coquinarius Fiesole, via Mantellini 2

Pasticceria Alcedo, via Antonio Gramsci 39

Vinandro, piazza Mino 33


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