Air pollution down by 20 per cent in Florence

5th in Italy for green mobility

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September 24, 2020 - 16:00

Air pollution is down by twenty per cent in Florence in the last five years.


According to the air quality annual report by the regional environment protection agency Arpat, nitrogen dioxide levels are down in Florence and the city suburbs, with a 20 per cent reduction compared to 2019 measured in Signa and Firenze-Mosse, and lowest levels in Settignano (13%), Bassi (5%), Gramsci (14%) and Scandicci (7%).



Florence: a greener city



“Recent studies have confirmed that infection from Covid-19 spread more rapidly in areas with greater air pollution,” commented city councillor for the environment, Cecilia Del Re, at the end of the European Week of Mobility. “The data about improved air quality in the metropolitan area of Florence encourage the policies we’ve undertaken in recent years, as well as the importance of continuing to work in these areas. From the two tram lines opened last year and those yet to be implemented, investments in reinforcing and connecting cycle paths, the hundreds of electric recharging stations, car sharing, bike sharing, electric taxis and the new fleet of hybrid and electric buses: all these measures fit within the vision of a city focused on sustainability.”


The Legambiente Città MEZ 2020 report, published in June, put Florence in fifth place for green mobility in Italy.

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