Covid-19: new rules in Italy (October 18)

Mayors now have the power to impose localized curfews

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October 18, 2020 - 22:38

In a move to combat a spike in Italy’s Covid-19 infection rate (+11,705 new cases as of October 18), Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced more stringent measures to avert a nationwide lockdown.


“The strategy cannot be the same as in the spring,” explained Prime Minister Conte in a live address to the nation on Sunday, October 18. “We have to be committed, the situation is critical, the government is present, but each of us have to do our part and altogether we’ll manage to overcome this difficult moment."


The latest measures tighten the October 8 legislation, which mandated the wearing of masks outdoors unless in situations of “continuous isolation” or while playing sports, and October 13 legislation, which "strongly encouraged" no more than six guests being welcomed into households and prohibited amateur contact sports.




A scene post-lockdown in Florence, May 17, 2020: ph. Francesco Spighi /




Covid-19: new rules in Italy (announced October 18)


Italy’s mayors now have the power to impose curfews in streets and squares after 9pm.


Food businesses, including restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, bakeries and ice-cream parlours, must close between midnight and 05:00. Food businesses without tables may not operate after 18:00. No more than six persons may sit at the same table and food businesses are legally obliged to display their maximum seating capacity.


Schools will remain open for lessons, although high schools and colleges may adopt “flexible” forms of education, including distance teaching methods and the option of afternoon sessions.


Betting shops, bingo halls and games halls may remain open from 08:00 to 21:00.


Local festivals and fairs are no longer allowed, neither are in-person congresses and conferences.

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