Master courses at IED Firenze

Master courses at IED Firenze

Tue 20 Oct 2020 9:42 AM

IED Firenze has its home in a contemporary building at the very centre of Florence’s Renaissance architecture, just behind Brunelleschi’s dome. In such an incomparable place, those who wish to learn from the past and help shape the future can benefit from the mix of tradition and innovation – the key element of the educational experience. IED Firenze pays a lot of attention to the enhancement of Tuscany and to the merging of different cultures, to the recognition and affirmation of the relationship between fine craftsmanship and industry, to the combination of classical and contemporary art and also to traditional and new wave schools of thought. This relationship is heightened by the strong connections between IED and Tuscany’s industrial districts, in particular with the leather and design district in Prato and the marble sector of Carrara

The IED Masters in Florence area was created and structured to provide a high end, international post graduate training solution to all young professionals interested in learning “how to” when it comes to a specific profession. An IED Masters is different in that it provides and teaches how design, fashion, arts management and food-wine-tourism interact with one another. It also shows how inspiration, creativity, trends and business ideas are a mix-match of design skills, management, business vision, food inspirations, lifestyle approach and fashion. 

Arts Management (in English)

An 11-month journey across Florence, Rome and Venice (1 week). The aim is to provide advanced knowledge about managing arts, fundraising and cultural contents in museums, foundations, private galleries, cultural associations and companies. 

Graphic design, focus on new media (in English)

Probably the best-known masters in our postgraduate area. It focuses on the new technologies for graphic design, art direction, communication language and multimedia devices. Graduates have gone on to become world class professionals, conducting TED Talks all over the globe and private pitches for Ministers and global leaders. 

Fashion Business (in English)

This is a one-of-a-kind fashion deep dive for young professionals and talents who want to learn how to work in a fashion company and develop their own projects and business. They get the basics on how to start up a fashion business with projects, workshops, case studies and a hands-on approach. Florence is the fifth fashion capital of the world and the partners that join IED are all examples of excellence in the fashion business worldwide: Luisaviaroma, Adidas, Pitti trade fair, Max Mara, Jacob Cohen, Vogue (Sara Maino, who’s our scientific director for the fashion area, is the head of Vogue Talents and the Senior editor for Vogue Italy). 

Brand design and management for food wine and tourism (in English)

One of our most recent Masters, formed between Florence and Barcelona. It’s a unique opportunity for those who want to study how local cultures shape the Horeca business, how a wine company becomes international, and how to launch and develop a new food/wine/tourism market idea successfully. Our partners are carefully selected from among high profile names. We proudly collaborate with Group Iglesia, AirBnB, Mercato Centrale, WineJobs, Comune di Firenze and many other world-relevant brands. 

Curatorial Practice (in English)

Today, curating contemporary art requires as many skills as there are artistic contexts and languages. While a solid cultural background is as important as management and communication skills, what is even more crucial for a 21st Century Curator is to build a stable network of relationships to make a curatorial project tangible and widely expandable. For this reason, thanks to the prestige and unique position of the city of Florence, participants have the opportunity to engage critically and actively in current debates in curatorial practice and contemporary art. The course leads students to practically learn the job of a curator in all its forms, also thanks to an international faculty that includes some of the most prominent professionals in the art world.

Museum Experience Design (in Italian)

For Italian speakers, we have a Masters Course in Museum Experience Design. Its objective is to train museum professionals to be able to design itineraries and programmes aimed at audience engagement and audience development in different public categories and for museums and cultural institutions. The course provides specific skills about museum design, communication applied to culture, mediation and communication techniques to promote cultural heritage.

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