Covid-19: new rules in Italy (October 25)

More restrictive measures introduced

Editorial Staff
October 25, 2020 - 18:19

New Covid-19 rules will enter into effect in Italy on October 25 and apply until November 24.



Florence, May 1, 2020 / Ph. Francesco Spighi





The Italian Government strongly recommends that persons only travel, using public or private transportation, for work, study and health reasons, for situations of need or to carry out activities or use services that have not been suspended.

Covid-19: no loitering rule issued in Florence

Certain streets and piazzas patrolled at weekends

Florence has introduced an alternative rule of its own following the empowerment of Italy’s local councils and police forces to close streets and piazzas where people have a tendency





The Italian Government strongly recommends that persons do not receive guests in their home, unless for work or for situations of need and urgency.





Restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, ice-cream parlours and bakeries may operate between 5am and 6pm. Catering services in hotels and other accommodation may operate for guests without time constraints. No more than four persons may eat at the same table; this limit does not apply to persons who live together. Home delivery and takeaway services may operate until midnight; food must not be eaten on the street near the business. Food businesses in service stations along motorways, in hospitals and airports will remain open. 





Lessons will continue in person for infant nursery, primary and middle schools. Secondary schools will increase distance learning to 75% and 25% in person.





Gyms, pools, spas and wellness centres will close, as well as cultural, social and recreational centres. Outdoor sports may continue at sports centres. Contact sports are not allowed. Sporting competitions are not allowed, apart from national-level professional competitions.





Theatres, concert halls and cinemas will close.





Nightclubs and dance clubs will remain closed.





Amusement arcades, betting shops, bingo halls and casinos will close. Theme parks will close.





Local festivals, fairs and similar events are prohibited. Conferences, trade fairs and congresses are prohibited, unless held virtually.





Streets and piazzas may be closed to the public after 9pm to prevent people from gathering.






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