Brass and bronze beauties: Il Bronzetto Outlet d’Autore
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Brass and bronze beauties: Il Bronzetto Outlet d’Autore

Tue 27 Oct 2020 6:00 PM


The historic Florentine workshop, Il Bronzetto, specializes in the manual processing of brass and bronze.


For two generations, the Bronzetto craftsmen have continued their talent for beauty and the art of chiseling and decorating metals to create precious and unique objects, particularly lighting. The story of Il Bronzetto’s activity is revealed through the years by lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and candelabra that fill their warehouse and the back room that was originally the workshop, transformed into an enthralling showroom. Their own pieces detail the very origins of the company. To this collection, many important historic objects have been added by notable names such as Ugolini, Mariotti, Rafanelli and more, from whom Il Bronzetto has inherited a wide range of forms and models that have expanded this extraordinary wealth of brass and bronze.



Outlet or collector’s pieces?


Outlet d’Autore


The necessity of artisanal knowledge at the root of all production in order to be able to reproduce an object from the past has been overcome by the creation of a digital archive in which all the designs and measurements of the products are contained, as well as 3D scans of each model, mold and prototypes produced to date by the Bronzetto and acquired companies. The staff of the technical office also use 3D scanner technology to scan individual parts such as bases, arms, legs, pans and all the samples of crystals and castings, giving life to unique products that allowed the owner, Simone Calcinai, together with the other 4 partners, to create an Outlet D’Autore in which to place all these treasures that have been hidden for too long (but never forgotten). These precious objects include works belonging to collections that are no longer in production, end of series items, artistic reproductions, old models and samples, accumulating into a unique bazaar of quality craftsmanship with the Il Bronzetto signature touch. 



Innovation and tradition



Il Bronzetto’s Outlet D’Autore represents a great opportunity in that it’s a way to make a warehouse accumulated over years bear fruit and to enhance the acquisitions of Florentine artisanal companies. However, above all, it’s for the loyal customers of Il Bronzetto and for lovers of antiques who have the opportunity to view the Outlet in safety and tranquility, in private and exclusive appointments. New technology such as the scanner, 3D printer and the numerical control milling machine provide an opportunity to digitize the historical archive, easing the logistical difficulties of maintaining a physical one and allowing Il Bronzetto to propose special projects and satisfy customers who require customized measures or particular products formed by assembling different individual parts. The Outlet D’Autore and the introduction of advanced technologies indicates the continuous need of Il Bronzetto management to strike the right balance between innovation and tradition.



Il Bronzetto & Outlet D’Autore

Via Romana 153r, Florence

Shop opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-1.30pm; 2.30-8pm

Saturday and Sunday mornings appointment only by sending an email to:


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