Best events in Florence this November
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Best events in Florence this November

Wed 28 Oct 2020 8:22 PM

PHOTOGRAPHY/ Dante 700 – Massimo Sestini

October 29-January 6


Castello di Poppi (AR), bust of Dante. Copyright Massimo Sestini.



Renowned photoreporter Massimo Sestini contributes to the year-long celebrations across Tuscany in 2021 marking the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death. Sestini’s distinct style rivetingly captures places associated with the Supreme Poet, from Florence to Ravenna, passing through Monte Falterona—the source of the Arno—and also Venice, Rome, Verona and Poppi. The 23 shots were taken with innovative photographic techniques portraying the poet’s face and words along with the areas significant both to him and his work, illustrating his continued presence, importance and relevance in our lives. Accompanying the works will be a precious wooden portal from 1480 that depicts Dante, made to a design by Sandro Botticelli. More to be revealed at


Santa Maria Novella Museum Complex, Florence




EXHIBITION/ Raphael and the Return of the Medici Pope

October 27-January 31, 2021


Masterpiece by Raffaello Sanzio (Urbino 1483 – Roma 1520)



A triptych of exhibitions forms part of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of Raffaello Sanzio’s death. This, the second of them, looks at the homecoming of the Portrait of Pope Leo X with Cardinals Giulio de’ Medici and Luigi de’ Rossi in an exhibition curated by Marco Ciatti and Eike Schmidt. The restoration of the painting carried out by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure is documented, with each phase extensively detailed along with scientific analysis of the work. Each shade of red, the variety of textures, and the figures remarkable introspection are vividly rendered to form a magnificent work explored in thorough detail. Read more and watch the video here.


Sala delle Nicchie, Palazzo Pitti




CONTEMPORARY/ Lo Schermo dell’Arte

November 10-14


Sandlines sheep revolution. Ph/ Francis Alÿs



Cinema, moving images and contemporary art are the subjects of this innovative festival, now in its 13th edition. Over 30 films pack the programme with works varying from arthouse cinema to documentaries and short films. Screenings will be on demand via the Più Compagnia platform in collaboration with, making it possible to soak up the cinematic excellence from the comfort of your own homes. As well as films from all over the globe, there will also be Q&As with creatives and talks you won’t want to miss out on. Forming part of the celebrations is the 9th edition of the VISIO research and residency program who launch an exhibition curated by Leonardo Bigazzi titled ‘Mostra Resisting the Trouble – Moving images in times of crisis’ (November 9-December 9). Produced alongside NAM-Not A Museum, it takes place as part of Manifattura Tabacchi’s contemporary art program. 


Cinema La Compagnia + Manifattura Tabacchi




THEATRE/ Hershey Felder: A Paris Love Story

November 22, 2020 at 5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern




For the past seven months, pianist, performer and producer Hershey Felder has been finding ways to support theatres and theatre artists, while entertaining audiences during these complicated times. A delightful Debussy journey achieves that in a live-streamed performance that takes us through Paris and how it shaped a whole new world of colour in sound in the music of Claude Debussy. A ticket, valid for a household, includes extended viewing access of the recording through Sunday, November 29 and also helps The Florentine as a percentage of ticket sales generously goes towards supporting our magazine.

Buy your ticket here:




CONTEMPORARY/ Duel-McArthur Binion: Modern Ancient Brown

Until February 11






Known for his minimalist and abstract works, this is the first solo show in a European institution by the American artist McArthur Binion. The artist explains that he “developed the idea of Modern Ancient Brown 40 years ago as I wanted my work to be contemporary, to have a historicity and to honour Black and Brown painters who came before me. It is also a kind of self-portrait”. Curated by Lorenzo Bruni and organized in collaboration with the Massimo De Carlo Gallery, the works get to the heart of urgent issues such as civil rights and the fight against racism. The artist-activist has a dedication to these causes and has even established a foundation committed to raising awareness among young artists about racial issues. The works on display were created specifically for the spaces of Museo Novecento and for Duel, the exhibition cycle ideated by Sergio Risaliti. 


Museo Novecento,

piazza Santa Maria Novella 10, Florence




INNOVATION/ Recò Festival

November 6-8


Photo from last year’s edition



Recò returns for the second edition of the festival focused on circular economy. A center of design and fashion, Prato plays a fundamental role in all areas of production, making it the ideal location for the only festival of its kind in Tuscany. This month-long calendar of radio shows and live-streamed events includes over 30 live broadcasts that ensure you can tune in from wherever you are, as well as an intriguing podcast series on the themes of circular innovation as a key to start over. Sustainable fashion, upcycling, theories of design and environmental concerns are topics touched on in the festivities. 


Various locations in Prato

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