Covid-19: Tuscany to become orange zone
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Covid-19: Tuscany to become orange zone

Mon 09 Nov 2020 8:13 PM

On Wednesday, November 11, Tuscany will become an “orange” zone, the category that indicates a medium-high risk of infection from Covid-19.



Florence’s piazza Duomo on November 6, 2020, 20 minutes before the first night of the nationwide COVID-19 curfew. Ph. Francesco Spighi






All restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops will no longer be allowed to provide table service, but they can continue to provide a takeaway service until 10pm; no time limit applies to home deliveries of food. All other shops can remain open.






You can only move around within your municipality, unless you need to leave for work, study, health, necessity or to use services not available in your area (such as post offices and supermarkets).


If you need to leave your municipality for work, you must be able to show adequate documentation provided by your employer to prove the reason for your movements. If stopped by the police for a check, you will be required to fill in the self-declaration form, which can be downloaded here.


You do not need require the self-certification form between 5am and 10pm if you remain in your municipality.


You can still leave your home for a walk or to exercise within your municipality (remember to maintain social distancing and to wear a mask unless you’re in an isolated area or are running).


The nationwide curfew between 10pm and 5am continues to apply in orange zones as does the country’s shuttering of museums and the weekend closure of shopping centres. Returning to your home or place of residence is always allowed. You are permitted to leave your home to care for a family member or a friend who is not self-sufficient.


Separated and divorced parents are allowed to move between municipalities to see their children if they are minors, in observance of the health regulations in place (taking into account quarantine, positive cases and the immune-suppressed).






It is strongly recommended that you do not receive guests in your home, unless for work or for situations of need and urgency.





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