Supporting UK nationals obtaining residency in Italy: IOM
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Supporting UK nationals obtaining residency in Italy: IOM

Thu 26 Nov 2020 2:48 PM


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) provides information and support to UK nationals living in Italy who may find it harder to complete their residency applications, in order to secure and maintain their residency rights now that the UK has left the EU.


In order to achieve this objective, we:


• Raise awareness among UK nationals living in Italy


• Provide residence rights support in English and Italian


• Share accessible information on residency requirements


• Provide practical guidance on completing applications, including contacting the local authorities on behalf of UK nationals or even submitting the applications by proxy for UK nationals that are particularly at risk.



Our project is aimed at UK nationals and their family members, who may be particularly
 at risk or facing specific challenges, such as people living with disabilities, those grappling with chronic illness, language and literacy barriers, or barriers in accessing technology. The most urgent issues are ensuring that UK nationals are aware that they might need to take action to secure their rights in Italy, such as registering their residency, and assisting the most vulnerable with hands-on support.


In addition to the above, the IOM are also providing information and guidance to relevant Italian authorities, in particular town halls. For instance, we make available to town halls a step-by-step guide that has been developed in collaboration with the Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) and the British Embassy to help clarify the process of issuing the new Attestazione for UK Nationals (with reference to Article 18 of the Withdrawal Agreement) for local anagrafe (registry offices).



Download the guide here.



Despite the challenges due to the Covid-19 related restrictions, we are managing to engage with UK nationals across Italy, by providing remote support (by phone and with emails), as well as through a series of online initiatives in partnership with the British Embassy. UK nationals from all regions can register for these online sessions and book an online appointment with IOM and the Embassy to obtain advice on their residency. For more details please check our UKNSFItaly Facebook page and the social media channels of the UK Embassy: Facebook & Twitter.


UK nationals should be aware that, in order to be covered by the Withdrawal Agreement, they need to be lawfully living in Italy by the end of the transition period (31/12/2020). 
It is important to mention that registering residency is a legal requirement for UK nationals settling in Italy for more than 90 days.


UK nationals and their family members who are facing any difficulties can contact IOM for support at: – Tel. 800 684 884


Finally, we ask any UK nationals to help us reach out to other UK nationals that might not be aware of the need to take action now, so please tell a friend and spread the word about regulating status before the end of the year.


More information can be also found on the Living in Italy website for updates.


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