The international project Inside Out made its way to Florence on January 28.



Inside Out Project ph. Valeria Raniolo @valeriavivequi



Seventy-one oversized black-and-white portraits of directors, musicians and other figures in the world of theatre were displayed along the outside walls of Teatro Verdi, giving life to the building that has been closed for events over the recent pandemical months.


The successful project by French urban artist JR brings art to the streets “from the inside out”, breaking the boundaries of traditional art and culture. This particular exhibition, in partnership with Orchestra della Toscana, covers the theatre’s vacant billboards with smiling faces of those from the thespian world, reminding us that cultural creators continue to work within the walls of Teatro Verdi as they await a return to the boards when they can play, sing and act again.



Inside Out Project ph. Valeria Raniolo @valeriavivequi


The idea behind the Inside Out Project is to place an emphasis on people and their stories. As such, the portraits have added a personal touch to the creative industry, reaffirming the sense of community in Florence.


The street art is placed under none of the typical restrictions of exhibitions and can be enjoyed in via Ghibellina, via Verdi, via dei Lavatoi and via Isola delle Stinche.    

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