Harry Cochrane’s "The Florence Duck Store" is a collection of 23 poems inspired by Italy.





‘The Florence Duck Store’ is the longest verse in the collection and is centred on an unrequited love story and a flock of rubber ducks, while ‘Vinanelle’ sees the vanishing of a long-cherished bottle of plonk. Forays from Florence feature Valentine’s in Livorno’s Venezia Nuova and a Sicilian hike up Mount Etna. Modern translations of Guido Cavalcanti and Leon Battista Alberti graze the pages, as does a contemporary take on Dante’s 'Purgatorio'.




About the author



Harry Cochrane is a writer and journalist based in Florence, Italy, where he writes for The Florentine and the Times Literary Supplement. He was born in 1994 in Northumberland, UK.



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