Pay by weight: sustainable grocery stores in Florence

Pay by weight: sustainable grocery stores in Florence

Tue 06 Apr 2021 12:10 PM

Plastics, unnecessary bags, boxes within boxes: be gone with them all! Florentine stores are putting the environment first, having replaced excess packaging with pay-by-weight foodstuffs and household essentials. Just bring your own container and fill up based on need.







Receptacles of all sorts line the walls of strictly low-impact store Green, go! (via Masaccio 15R). Filled to the brim with organic and vegan goodies, your conscience will be at ease as you load up on everything you need, from grains to cleaning products.




Net weight only



Pasta, legumes, spices, sweets and even pet food, a full array is available at Solo Peso Netto, meaning Net Weight Only (via Enrico Guido Bocci 27). Tick off your shopping list from Tuscan honey to cleaning products. You can also order online, giving you time to think about what you bring into your home.




Buy in bulk



Pepite Sfuse (via Sacchetti 20R) is a sustainable shopping paradise where dried fruits, pulses, rice and flour fill the shop with foodie goodness, without the eyesore of unnecessary packaging. If it’s your first time and you haven’t yet acquired all the pay-by-weight accoutrements of a long-time convert, reusable containers are on hand.






This article was published in Issue 277 of The Florentine.

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