Giulia Peyrone’s public installation in piazza de’ Pitti

‘Progetto Tende Industriale’ large-scale canvas on display until May 15

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April 7, 2021 - 16:29

Italian-Thai fine artist and printmaker Giulia Peyrone unveiled the second installment of Progetto Tende Industriale, a large-scale art installation, in piazza de'Pitti on April 3, to be displayed until May 15.


Measuring 15.5 by 12 metres, the work makes use of construction grade textiles and specialized printers to create a distinctive artwork within footsteps of one of Florence's most well-known landmarks, Palazzo Pitti.



Piazza de' Pitti takes on a temporary new look
The work reveals Peyrone's signature exploration of repetition and rhythm through print in an oeuvre that was specifically created to be enjoyed outdoors in light of museum closures. The massive canvas was previously on display beside the Ponte Vecchio, making this its second outing in Florence.


The idea behind the work is the creative use of scaffolding in order to beautify the otherwise cold exterior of construction sites. The print was developed by hand before being applied to construction-grade fabric by specialized printers, and then installed on the exterior scaffolding of the building in piazza de' Pitti.
Based between New York and Florence, the Italian-Thai artist and designer is also the founder of the textile company Giulia Peyrone, whose signature collection of silk accessories using Thai silks has attracted much interest. 

For more information about the artist, see Giulia Peyrone's website and Instagram.




Readers are asked to remember the red zone restrictions currently in place. See more here.

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