85th edition of the Florence International Crafts Fair

Digital showcase takes place online from April 24 to May 2, 2021

Editorial Staff
April 9, 2021 - 10:49

The 85th edition of the Florence International Crafts Fair will take place online from April 24 to May 2. A vast array of events has been scheduled in an intriguing virtual tour through craftsmanship. Admission to the digital event is free, with exhibition space reserved for those already present in the last two editions of MIDA (Mostra Internazionale del'Artigianato di Firenze), and for new artisans who will be selected by application on their website.


Bringing together the best of 'Made in Italy' and beyond



Normally held in Fortezza da Basso, this digital edition of the Florence International Crafts Fair seeks to support artisanal excellence and looks towards the future of craftsmanship. Artisans will present their products online, and there will be a packed online line-up of events that includes well-known personalities from institutions, associations and cultural operators in the field of craftsmanship. With lectures, meetings, exhibitions, workshops and performances, highlights include virtual guided tours of the 'Medici fortress' curated by Firenze Fiera and MUSE, and the CRAFT 4.0 exhibition by the University of Florence's Department of Architecture - Design Campus, presenting a 360 degree cross-section of futuristic encounters between handmade design and cutting-edge technologies in the categories of Nature, Work, Humankind, Cultural Heritage and Community.


Dip into the photographs of previous editions of the exhibition, from its origins in March 1931 to the present day, with panels made available by the Archive of the Tuscan Region. There will also be other tributes to Florence's rich artisanal past with two names in particular receiving an online tribute: Felice Botta, a wood sculptor who uses recycled materials to produce works such as the facade of Santo Spirito, and Andrea Fedelia, third generation of a family of restorers who are known all over the world for their important work in restoration, protection and promotion of historical and artistic heritage. The art historian, essayist and TV personality Philippe Daverio sees a specialized tribute curated by Jean Blancheart and even classical music performances form part of the programming.


Emporio MIDA, was launched by Firenze Fiera in June 2020 to support excellence in Italian and international craftsmanship and to unite both exhibitors, visitors and buyers, providing a window into the works of expert artisans.


Explore Mostra Artigianato's Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for more.

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