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Tue 11 May 2021 1:37 PM

As we all seek ways to stay connected to each other and to Italy, these new publications have emerged in recent months, giving us plenty to sustain our appetites. 



Open Doors Review




Open Doors Literary Review is an arts magazine in English and Italian, edited by Lauren Mouat. Intent on avoiding stereotypical visions of Italy, the stories delve into the day-to-day ongoings that emerge from life in il Bel paese. Whether you’ve lived in Italy, have Italian ancestry or simply feel a connection to the country, the art doesn’t necessarily need to be directly Italy-related, but still has Italy as the starting point. Mouat considers submissions of short fiction, essay, poetry and visual arts from anywhere in the world for the magazine that’s printed three times a year, in January, May and September. Check out the podcast packed with literary treats, available on iTunes.








Perdigiornale takes a critical look at life in Tuscany and beyond. Self-described as “A publication for the discerning hobo”, Perdigiornale was founded by Eric Millman and Federico Poggiali, lovers of “amaro and anarchismo”, with the aim of amplifying voices from diverse perspectives. The website and social media are regularly updated with political commentary, humour, reviews and interesting stories and snippets on food, drink and adventure.




The Week in Italy




This Week in Italy is a newsletter penned by Jamie Mackay, a talented journalist with his finger perpetually on the Italian political pulse. Arriving in our inboxes every Thursday, Mackay analyses the latest, often complicated, news from across the country with his trademark sense of humour and matter-of-factness. Recent instalments have covered protests by the nation’s restaurateurs, the Italian government’s bizarre pledge to invest in quantum computing, and a nod to the country’s hip hop scene. One thing’s for sure: a tasty recipe always completes the seven-day round-up. 




Destination Florence magazine



Destination Florence Magazine promotes Florence from a different point of view. Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau has partnered with The Florentine to create this new publication, which is financed by the City of Florence. From trade shows to conferences, the wedding industry, startups and study abroad segment, this magazine offers insight and ideas for the future of Florence and Tuscany. 

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