disConnessi exhibition at Museo degli Innocenti

From May 7, photographs explore relationship between teens and technology

Editorial Staff
May 12, 2021 - 15:58

The disConnessi exhibition on display at Museo Degli Innocenti explores the relationship between teenagers and technology, aiding us to better understand the ways in which technology is ingrained within the lives of teenagers. Questions asked in the photographic works include: are virtual social exchanges replacing genuine ones, and how do screens affect our dreams, friendships, education, social and family lives.




Work by Wouda titled 'Love Hate'



The exhibition, set up in the Sala Borghini of Museo Degli Innocenti (piazza della Santissima Annunziata, 13) is the result of a larger project conceived by Arabella Natalini.  The images created by 5 young photographers were selected as part of an international workshop analyzing personal relationships with the digital world. Following meetings and lectures throughout the workshop, they developed their unique reflections and created 5 large-scale projects. The images accompany works by Raimond Wouda, a well-known author and professor who has explored the dynamics between school children and their phones.




Work by Wouda titled 'Like Dislike'



Wouda commented “As the world is becoming increasingly complicated, it's essential that in today’s digital society, we listen to each other without hastily forming an opinion”. This exhibition allows us to understand the vital relationship our young generation have with technology, from their own perspective.



The exhibition is promoted by Istituto degli Innocenti in collaboration with Fondazione Studio Marangoni.

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