SACI College of Art and Design to close its doors in Florence

On June 10, the school announced its closure

Editorial Staff
June 14, 2021 - 12:40

Located in Florence for 46 years, on June 10, SACI (Studio Arts College International) gave the sad news that it has announced the closing process of its art and design school in Palazzo dei Cartelloni, via Sant’Antonino 11. The SACI website details that the closure comes "as a consequence of the financial challenges caused by the COVID 19 global pandemic."



Jules Maidoff, the founder and president emeritus of SACI, Studio Arts College International



Founded by the highly esteemed painter Jules Maidoff in 1975, the Fulbright scholar had come to Florence to paint and established the school which has had enormous impact over its 46 years.


More information on the closure can be found here.


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