BE.LONG makes staying longer in Florence easier

BE.LONG makes staying longer in Florence easier

Fri 09 Jul 2021 8:51 AM

With every move, there are a series of practicalities to be sorted. The Be.Long platform brings all those bits to one place, making your longer-term move to the city as smooth as possible. The project developed by Destination Florence in collaboration with the City of Florence seeks to bring a whole new wave of residents and medium- to long-term renters to the city, helping and supporting them in that decision and paving the path for an ethical, sustainable future for Florence.

Taking the stress out of travel

Who is Be.Long for

As we’ve seen travel change over the last year or so, many people are choosing to settle in the city on a longer term scale. Whether it’s as digital nomads or for study, the allure of Florence is stronger than ever. Students have always been attracted to the Renaissance city, and its charms need little explaining. With so many options for study abroad programmes and top-caliber university courses, choosing may prove the biggest hurdle. The platform helps you by arranging them thematically and setting you up for the learning experience of a lifetime.

Whether you’re self-employed, seeking to set up a business, or looking for new opportunities, the necessary permits and tips and tricks are all provided for workers, ensuring that the required elements like the codice fiscale (tax code) or your bank account are clearly explained and hassle free.

You’ll be lolling about with the locals in no time. Ph/ Marco Badiani

How can Be.Long help

Once the decision is made to come here, Be.Long provides the info on everything else. From the crucial first steps like finding somewhere to live and how to access the health service, to how to get around. Almost every aspect of life in the city is detailed on the site, with useful tips and contacts helpfully detailed to ensure every emergency has an easily findable solution.

The seemingly tricky bureaucracy can be easily navigated with the forms and applications needed to set up a more long-term residency detailed in a designated category. Giving you a step by step guide, it’s only a matter of following the guidelines (and having a little patience, sometimes these things take time!) and you’ll be on your way to living your dream in Florence.

Figuring out Florence

With all the forms signed and your fridge filled, it’s time to settle in and get to know the locals. Learning the language is undoubtedly an enormous help to getting you feeling Florentine. Navigate the city like a local with bike sharing and bus tickets all thoroughly described. Answering questions like is the public water drinkable, and where do I bring my recycling, you’ll find everything you need in one place.

With all those elements catered to, there’s only one thing left to do, get out and belong to the city!


Check out the Be.Long website here

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