Walking experiences in Tuscany with Martino Pozzi

Walking experiences in Tuscany with Martino Pozzi

Nature enthusiast and environmental hiking guide Martino Pozzi leads walks across Tuscany with his Walking Experiences business.

Thu 07 Apr 2022 3:08 PM

Nature enthusiast and environmental hiking guide Martino Pozzi has been leading walks across Tuscany with his Esperienze di Cammino (‘Walking Experiences’) business since August 2021.

martino pozzi walking
Nordic Walking on a Tuscan beach with Martino Pozzi

During anxious and uncertain times surrounding the pandemic, Martino Pozzi turned to mindfulness and meditation by exploring the region on foot, sharing treks and excursions with his followers on Facebook and Instagram. Eventually in the summer last year, Martino’s hobby transformed into a business as he began to organize guided walks under the name Esperienze di Cammino, offering unique, tailor-made experiences for those with a like-minded passion for nature and the outdoors. 

“My love for nature, travelling and particularly travelling on foot led me to choose this as my ideal profession,” explains Martino. “Sometimes my role is that of a classic guide, where I take people to discover our wonderful territory, sharing curiosities and different perspectives. Other times I’ll create walks with meditations, theatre exercises and games to help people connect, reflect, feel good and, most of all, have fun in the company of others. For me, doing something like this as a job is a dream come true, in the truest sense of the word.”

Nature enthusiast and environmental hiking guide Martino Pozzi
Nature lovers enjoy a walking experience around Tuscany

As well as scenic endeavours throughout the beautiful Tuscan landscapes, Martino’s experiences also include tasting sessions as well as visits to farms, wineries and vineyards

In 2018, Martino also became a qualified instructor at the Italian Nordic Walking School (SINW), which means that he welcomes students who want to try their hand at this healthy sport by offering courses on request. Different to your typical hiking, Nordic walking involves special sticks and can be practised all year round in the midst of nature. It’s ideal for improving posture and losing weight.

He typically organizes two or three hikes per week, usually on weekends, and has taken groups on trips along the via Francigena and the Orme delle Gladiatore in Val d’Orcia. Each trip costs around 15-20 euro, depending on the length and activities included. 

If you’re interested in physical and mental wellbeing and enjoy meeting new people, take the first step and join Martino on his walking adventures by contacting him on either his WhatsApp (+39 333 6760042), Instagram or Facebook

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