Barberino Designer Outlet: one of the greenest in Italy

Barberino Designer Outlet: one of the greenest in Italy

Barberino Designer Outlet has sustainability as one of its main goals as seen by the Recycle Your Fashion initiative launched last Earth Day.

Wed 27 Apr 2022 2:56 PM

There’s no doubt that we’ve become more conscious of the wheres and hows of our fashion, with green awareness topping priority lists now more than ever. Barberino Designer Outlet places sustainability as one of its main goals as evidenced by the Recycle Your Fashion initiative launched on last year’s Earth Day (April 22). Over 875 donations have reached an impressive mass of 2 tons of clothing, all given a second life thanks to the project.

Head to Guest Services with anything you’re ready to say goodbye to, and in collaboration with their dedicated partner, Barberino Designer Outlet will see items in good condition donated for reuse, and recyclable materials transformed into new clothing and consumer goods. Beyond the evident environmental benefit, the outlet adds to the incentive by gifting a 10% discount on a wide range of participating brands.

If you’ve arrived by electric car, use one of the eight free-to-use car charging stations for customers and set off on your shopping spree, assured that efforts are in action to bring Barberino in an ever-more eco direction.

Nike’s Space Hippie sneakers
Nike’s Space Hippie sneakers

Among the sustainable items you’ll find in the stores are Nike’s Space Hippie sneakers made from 85-90% recycled content, including plastic bottles, t-shirts and post-industrial scraps, adding an eco-pep to your step.

The very setting of the outlet is another sustainable point that’s worthy of note; built on the banks of the Sieve River, 21,000 square meters of nature make up 40% of the outlet’s total area. It uses 100% green electricity and solar panels cover approximately 3,000 square meters. Impressively, 80% of waste is recycled, with an irrigation system for rainwater, automated systems for switching on and off lights, and recycling workshops for kids have also been organized during the year.

Barberino Designer Outlet’s commitment to a more sustainable future has also grown thanks to a special partnership between their restaurants and the app Too Good To Go. More than one-third of all food in the world is wasted, having a negative impact on the planet in terms of carbonic dioxide emissions. Too Good To Go has managed to save more than 126 million meals in just six years. Some of the centre’s restaurants sell a “Magic Box” on the app full of delicious fresh food left over at the end of the day at a special discounted price (from €2.99 to €4.99 depending on the size).

With sustainability concerns catered to, take advantage of up to 70% off all year round to update your spring/summer wardrobe. Getting there is easy as a shuttle bus is active every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with three departures per day from Florence’s Santa Maria Novella station, or it’s a picturesque 30-minute drive from Florence, marvelling at the Mugello countryside as you go. Open from 10am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday, this outdoor shopping center packed with its 120 boutiques, free parking, a wide variety of cafés and restaurants all surrounded by the Sieve river adding its charm as it runs through its centre.

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