Covid-19: May 2022 rules

Covid-19: May 2022 rules

Now you can enter a restaurant or supermarket anywhere in Italy and no longer have to wear a mask.

Sun 01 May 2022 3:51 PM

Now you can enter a restaurant or supermarket anywhere in Italy and no longer have to wear a mask. New rules come into force on May 1, which reflect Italy’s vaccine uptake (nearly 85% of the population), as the nation bids farewell to the “green pass”, although the wearing of masks will remain in certain instances.


FFP2 face protection will remain a requirement in hospitals and on public transport as well as at theatres and cinemas and at indoor sports events until June 15. Masks will continue to be worn in schools until the end of the academic year.

Green pass

The green pass will no longer be required in Italy, with the sole exception of visiting care and nursing homes, where it will remain a necessity until the end of the year.


The obligation to vaccinate for the over-50s, all those who work in law enforcement and education will remain in force until June 15.


Children over six years will be required to wear masks (not necessarily FFP2; surgical are permitted) until the end of the academic year.  


The Passenger Locator Form will no longer be necessary to enter Italy. Arrivals to Italy from certain countries will require a negative lateral flow or green pass: check information in your country of origin.

Supermarkets + restaurants

Masks need no longer be worn in supermarkets, restaurants, shops and shopping centres, although it is recommended that you wear face protection in case of crowds.

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