Ginori Museum gardens to reopen in Sesto Fiorentino
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Ginori Museum gardens to reopen in Sesto Fiorentino

The Ginori Museum gardens in Sesto Fiorentino will reopen in the third week of May, although the museum will remain closed for restoration.

Mon 16 May 2022 5:48 PM

Plans have been announced to reopen the gardens of the Ginori Museum in Sesto Fiorentino. The reopening of the parkland to the local community goes hand in hand with investments in the museum’s digitalization and innovation, in addition to renewed branding.

Ginori Museum building
The Ginori Museum building

“The cultural heritage of the Ginori Museum contains some of the pinnacles of Italian art history alongside the past of workers’ movements,” explains Tomaso Montanari, president of the Richard Ginori della Manifattura di Doccia Museum Archive Foundation. “While the Ministry of Culture continues the challenging building restoration, the foundation is starting to do its job: to tell the story of all this, which is unrivalled worldwide. Our staff is performing an inventory of the collection and we have entrusted the museum’s rebranding to the best professionals around, in addition to an accessible and aesthetically pleasing website.”

The Richard Ginori della Manifattura di Doccia Museum Archive Foundation was established in December 2019 to preserve, catalogue, study, communicate and display this exceptional artistic, historical, social and economic heritage as well as making its vast collection of ceramics into a shared asset that sparks conversation in the present and paves the way for future prospects.

Porcelain coffee pot, 1750 c., Manifattura Ginori di Doccia
Giovanni Gariboldi, Porcelain vase, 1938 c., Manifattura Richard Ginori di Doccia

While the Ginori Museum still remains closed to the public during the ongoing restoration work, the new website will soon display the cultural centre’s collections through podcasts, photography and descriptions.

View of Manifattura Ginori di Doccia around 1889

The big news, however, is that the museum gardens are set to reopen in the third week of May.

“For our town, the Ginori family and their museum represent an identity and a sense of history as the crossroads of many generations of local residents and artists, whose hands crafted unique items of extraordinary beauty,” remarked Lorenzo Falchi, Mayor of Sesto Fiorentino.

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