Farms for family fun not far from Florence
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Farms for family fun not far from Florence

Relax at these farms not far from the city, which offers plenty of fun activities for the whole family

Mon 30 May 2022 5:47 PM

While away the warmer months on farms near Florence, where life doesn’t get more wholesome and, it seems, entertaining.

Open farm: Bucolica


Bucolica Open Farm (+39 366 9793632) is one of a kind: a farm in Lastra a Signa near Florence, which becomes a cultural club with 100 events in the 100 days it opens to the public. Agriculture becomes a way of sowing culture for the communities who live there and all those wanting to make conscious choices. Hence, the space given to folk traditions and wellbeing through yoga and meditation, in addition to children’s activities on the farm (even in English), workshops with the agronomist and sessions to gain confidence around dogs. The season runs from Wednesday to Sunday, from 4pm to midnight.

At Bar Agricolo, visitors will come across products to eat and drink, either grown on the farm, from local wineries or the other small farms around Tuscany. Try the Spritz made from a bitter wild fennel syrup and wild plums cultivated here at Bucolica, whereas the spumante wine comes from vineyards over on the next hill.

June weekends at Bucolica

  • June 1, 6.30pm, herbal workshop by Laboratorio Anemone
  • June 2, 7pm, Agriculture + Community: tasting & talks with local producers
  • June 3, 7pm, farm tour with agronomist Filippo Zammarchi
  • June 4, 5.30pm, check out the Kids & Vegetables family-friendly workshop in English led by the Helen Doron Lastra a Signa school
  • June 5, from 4pm, get down with the beats of DJ Hugolini, 5.30pm kinder farm and yoga in the olive grove
  • June 8, 6.30pm, herbal workshop by Laboratorio Anemone, 7.30pm poetry workshop, 9.30pm a night of poets: dinner, with stories, sonatas with song and dance
  • June 9, Agriculture + Community: tasting & talks with local producers
  • June 10, 7pm, farm tour with agronomist Filippo Zammarchi. 9pm, concert with Francesco Frank Cusumano and Davide Bargiacchi
  • June 11, 5.30pm, visit to the apiary with the beekeeper Filippo Zammarchi, 5.40pm kinder farm workshop about world of dogs for kids by the Il Segno di Fedo association with dog educator Sara Virga
  • June 12, 4pm, sound farm: DJ set with Coqò Djette. 5.30pm, children’s work with agronomist Filippo Zammarchi, and yoga in the olive grove, with meditation at 6.45pm
  • June 15, 5.30pm, yoga in pregnancy. 6.30pm herbal workshop and yoga in the olive grove
  • June 16, 7.30pm. Agriculture + Community: tasting & talks with local producers
  • June 17, 7pm, farm tour with agronomist. 9pm, concert of popular Florentine songs
  • June 18, 5.30pm, visit to apiary with beekeeper. 5.30pm Kids and Vegetables English workshop. 5.30pm, Walk & Talk “Dog Walk” with dog educator.
  • June 19, 6pm, children’s workshop with agronomist. 6pm, yoga in the olive grove. 7.15pm, biodance
  • June 22, 5.30pm, yoga in pregnancy. 6.30pm, yoga in olive grove. 7.30pm, Tuscan folk dance workshop. 9pm, Tuscan folk dances with live music
  • June 23, 7.30pm, Agriculture + Community: tasting & talks with local community. 8.30pm, acting workshop
  • June 24, 7pm, farm tour with agronomist. 9pm, popular Florentine songs concert
  • June 25, 6pm, visit to the apiary with beekeeper. 6pm, children’s workshop with dog educator. 6pm, bird listening with environmental guide
  • June 26, children’s workshop with agronomist. 6pm, yoga in the olive grove. 7.15pm, sound bath
  • June 29, 5.30pm, yoga in pregnancy. 6.30pm, yoga in the olive grove
  • June 30, 7.30pm, Agriculture & Community: tastings and talks with local producers. 8.30pm, acting workshop
  • July 1, 7pm, visit of the business. 9pm, Florentine popular songs
  • July 2, 6pm, visit to the apiary with beekeeper. 6pm, kids & vegetables workshop in English. 6pm, dog walk with dog educator
  • July 3, 6pm, children’s workshop with agronomist. 6pm, yoga in the olive grove. 7.15pm, yoga

Sustainable living: Terrafranta



Up via Bolognese, an olive grove, a few rows of lavender and saffron, and a yoga deck with views over Florence are all you need for a freeing experience in the great outdoors. This is where Terrafranta has put down its roots as a place to gather and share, where you eat well and opt for a sustainable lifestyle. Follow Terrafranta on Facebook and Instagram to be in the know about DJ sets, BBQ nights and even weaving lessons.

June events at Terrafranta

  • June 4, Jasmín + DJ Corridor, DJ-set in the fields from 6pm to 12am
  • June 5 & 12, basket weaving lessons

Vineyard dinners: La Pia in Percussina

La Pia in Percussina

New Yorker Joe and Florentine Marta bought an abandoned farmhouse in San Casciano Val di Pesa, right outside Florence, to establish their family and produce organic wine in 2009. Last summer, they decided to open to the whole community, which marked the beginning of a new wave as La Pia in Percussina (+39 338 5667627). To date, the couple have held four major events: an Easter egg hunt, La Cocomerata Rinata (August 24), Fest’Unta (in November to celebrate the new olive oil) and SanTA Casciano (December 8), but now they have additional events planned for the summer. Every Thursday you can join them for dinners served from a food truck, while comfortably sitting in the vineyard overlooking Florence.

June 2022 – Uncommon Events @ La Pia

  • Starting June 2nd Cena tra i filari: kick off night of dinners in the vineyard – EVERY THURSDAY.
  • June 4th M.O.V.E meets Merende in Oliveta: a special MOVE experience dedicated to EVO
  • June 15th Sotto le Stelle Scintillanti a Gourmet Pizza night with music and wine.
  • June 24th Cena tra i filari con i Fochi: dinner in the vineyard watching the fireworks of San Giovanni, the Saint Patron of Florence.

From grain to pasta: Borgo Petriolo

Borgo Petriolo

Borgo Petriolo (+39 055 214889) in Bagno a Ripoli gives visitors a chance to experience the grain segment from start to finish. Here we’re not just talking about farm to table, but seeing how grains are processed everyday and learning how nature can give us everything we need to make food without waste and with plenty of creativity. Cultivation, milling and baking now go hand in hand with a restaurant that opened last summer to blend the company’s philosophy with genuine recipes. This June, the restaurant will be open from Tuesday to Sunday. And there’s more: check out the many activities, which include tastings and hiking.

Hiking with alpacas at I Colli di Marliano

I Colli di Marliano

If you believe a farm needs animals, you’ll be thrilled to go hiking with alpacas at I Colli di Marliano (+39 370 3305099), a family-run agriturismo in Lastra a Signa. Spending time with these docile animals is an opportunity to slow down away from the city. Kids immediately strike up a trusting relationship with these happy creatures. Don’t worry: there’s food too as I Colli di Marliano serves up traditional Tuscan fare centred on the farm’s vegetables, bread and pasta made from ancient grain flour, cured meats, regional cheeses, and homemade cakes. It’s the perfect place to while away the summer in the spacious covered courtyard with vineyard views.

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