Boboli Gardens reopens Porta Romana and Forte Belvedere entrances from July 5

Boboli Gardens reopens Porta Romana and Forte Belvedere entrances from July 5

Entrances reopen, with free entry for residents of Florence.

Wed 29 Jun 2022 10:54 AM

The entrances to the Boboli Gardens from Porta Romana and Forte Belvedere reopen from July 5, having been closed since 2020, with free access for residents of Florence.

Eike Schmidt to inaugurate the reopening.

Director of the Uffizi Galleries Eike Schmidt announced “The possibility of free entry to Boboli even from Forte Belvedere is a novelty that we are happy to be able to guarantee to all Florentines. It will soon prove even more interesting and useful, because the restoration works of the nearby Kaffeehaus inside the garden are now almost completed, and these beautiful spaces will reopen with new services and a new café”.

Entrance will be available from the three entrances of Forte Belvedere, Annalena and Porta Romana, as was the case since the 1990s.

To avail of free access to Boboli Gardens, it will be required to show your identity document that states residency in the territory of the Municipality of Florence, or an identity document accompanied by certificate of residence.

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